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Fayetteville Motorsports Park takes D9 Summit Team Finals win; six drivers advance to Summit SuperSeries championships

Saturday, 28 September 2013
Division 9 Summit Team Finals Champions Fayetteville Motorsports Park Division 9 Summit Team Finals Champions Fayetteville Motorsports Park

North Carolina’s finest took center stage Friday during the opening day of the Division 9 Summit Racing Equipment Team Finals as six more drivers punched their ticket to the Summit World Finals next month to compete for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship.

Tim Lucas (Top ET), Brian Perkins (Mod ET) and Noah Strickland (Junior Dragster) each won their respective classes on Friday during the opening day of the D9 Summit Team Finals, while runner-up finishers Michael Paschal (Top ET), Jim “Bo” Sells (Mod ET) and Dawson Wiggins (Junior Dragster) also advanced in the Summit SuperSeries championships.

In the team competition Fayetteville Motorsports Park took the overall crown at the Division 9 Summit Team Finals with 67 points, 20 ahead of runner-up Greer Dragway. Mooresville Dragway was third with 46 points, followed by Farmington Dragway (44) and Dunn-Benson Dragstrip (41). The remainder of the top 10 were Piedmont Dragway (34), Elk Creek Dragway (22), Coastal Plains Dragway (14) and Rockingham Dragway (12).

D9 SuperSeries Top Final

   D9 Summit SuperSeries Top ET Final

In easily the closest battle of the first day of competition, Fayetteville Motorsports Park’s Tim Lucas took the win in an incredibly close race with Farmington Dragway’s Michael Paschal. With the Top ET title on the line, Lucas edged his opponent by the slimmest of margins at the line with a .010 reaction time to a .014, and ran a near dead-on 6.247 elapsed time at 107.75 mph on a 6.24 dial. Paschal ran a 4.634 on a 4.62 in a runner-up effort.

In Mod ET Dunn-Benson Dragstrip’s Brian Perkins was handed the win when the lone non-North Carolina track representative Jim Sells of Elk Creek lit the red bulb by -.008. Still, Perkins closed out the race with a 6.734 on a 6.70 dial with a .030 reaction time.

D9 SuperSeries Mod Final

   D9 Summit SuperSeries Mod ET Final

Noah Strickland, representing Mooresville Dragway, took the Junior Dragster title over Dunn-Benson Dragstrip’s Dawson Wigging who ran just a tad too quick on his dial. Strickland had a .049 light and ran a 7.916 on a 7.90 dial at 81.65 mph while Wigging had a 9.043 on a 9.08.

Other big winners at the Division 9 Team Finals were Main Event winners Cameron Manuel from Farmington Dragway in Top ET, Jeff Longhany from Fayetteville Motorsports Park in Mod ET and Zachary Houser from Farmington Dragway in Junior Dragster.

D9 SuperSeries Junior Final

   D9 Summit SuperSeries Junior Dragster Final

The following are the final results from the Division 9 IHRA Summit Team Finals at Piedmont Dragway.

LOGO Team Finals Story

Division 9 Summit Team Finals Team Standings

1. Fayetteville Motorsports Park – 67
2. Greer Dragway – 47
3. Mooresville Dragway – 46
4. Farmington Dragway – 44
5. Dunn-Benson Dragstrip – 41
6. Piedmont Dragway – 34
7. Elk Creek Dragway – 22
8. Coastal Plains Dragway – 14
9. Rockingham Dragway – 12



SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF TOP ET – Tim Lucas (Fayetteville) .010 RT, 6.247, 107.75 def. Michael Paschal (Farmington) .014 RT, 4.634, 148.27

SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF MOD ET – Brian Perkins (Dunn-Benson) .030 RT, 6.734, 101.93 def. Jim “Bo” Sells (Elk Creek) -.008 FOUL

SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF JUNIOR – Noah Strickland (Mooresville) .049 RT, 7.916, 81.65 def. Dawson Wiggins (Dunn-Benson) .067 RT, 9.043, 72.13


D9 Main Event Top

Main Event Top ET – Cameron Manuel (Farmington) .008 RT, 4.923, 103.56 def. Jut Crumpler (Dunn-Benson) BROKE

D9 Main Event Mod

Main Event Mod ET – Jeff Longhany (Fayetteville) .014 RT, 6.615, 102.83 def. Rodney Lunsford (Piedmont) .018 RT, 6.686, 102.98

D9 Main Event Junior

Main Event Juniors – Zachary Houser (Farmington) .017 RT, 7.913, 82.71 def. Luke Eggers (Farmington) .024 RT, 8.244, 79.24

Team Captains Race – Peggy Hettigs (Mooresville) .259, 10.247, 69.73 def. Mike Greer (Greer) .224 RT, 11.254, 53.06

Friday Gamblers Top – Kevin Brannon (Greer) .003 RT, 4.361, 152.77 def. Brandon Hutchens (Farmington) .013 RT, 5.288, 129.57

Friday Gamblers Mod – Steve Alford (Dunn-Benson) .031 RT, 6.648, 96.70 def. Randall Cantrell (Piedmont) -.019 FOUL

Friday Gamblers Junior - Tucker Creech (Fayetteville) .051 RT, 7.908, 82.34 def. Noah Johnson (Fayetteville) .052 RT, 7.893, 82.40

Saturday Gamblers Top – Nick Womack (Rockingham) .022 RT, 4.896, 136.63 def. Todd Stowe (Fayetteville) .040 RT, 6.627, 102.89

Saturday Gamblers Mod – Tommy Plott (Farmington) .054 RT, 11.390, 46.72 def. Gil Carty Jr. (Piedmont) -.007 FOUL

Saturday Gamblers Junior – Tucker Creech (Fayetteville) .016 RT, 7.915, 82.17 def. Patrick Weatherford (Piedmont) -.039 FOUL


Best Appearing Open Bodied Car – Will Holland (Piedmont Dragway)

Best Engineered Open Bodied Car – Shane Maddox (Greer Dragway)

Best Appearing Full Bodied Car – Jamie Holston (Farmington Dragway)

Best Engineered Full Bodied Car – Phil Causey (Greer Dragway)

Best Appearing Junior – Harris Moss (Piedmont Dragway)

Best Engineered Junior – Nicholas Rabon (Rockingham Dragway)

Best Team Spirit – Greer Dragway

Best Appearing Sponsor Banner – Coastal Plains Dragway

Best Appearing Team – Piedmont Dragway

Best Team Mascot – Elk Creek Dragway

Last modified on Monday, 30 September 2013

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