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I-30 Dragway Rolls to IHRA Division 4 (Renegades) Summit Team Finals Title

Monday, 27 September 2021

TRUMBULL, Texas — It was a dominating performance by I-30 Dragway at the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 4 (Renegades) Summit Team Finals.

A pair of I-30 racers — Brad Roberts (Top) and Carson Russell (Junior) — won individual titles, while three others — Aaron Jordan (Sportsman), Bryan Chapman (Mod) and Graeme Rufenacht (Junior) — made final-round appearances.

Division4 Renegades 

It added up to I-30 taking an 85-55 win over host Xtreme Raceway Park in the final standings. Pine Valley Dragway and Amarillo Dragway were third and fourth with Alamo City Motorplex, Little River Dragway, Prescott Raceway and Evadale Raceway also participating.

DSC 0505 

The fun-filled weekend also included Gambler’s races and “best of” awards.


Main Event:

Top — Brad Roberts (I-30) 5.65 on a 5.65 dial-in, .006 reaction time defeated John Stephan (Xtreme 2) 5.71 on a 5.70 dial-in, -.004 reaction time.

DSC 2707

Mod — Jason Patterson (Pine Valley) 5.06 on a 5.06 dial-in, .045 reaction time defeated Bryan Chapman (I-30 Team 2) 6.11 on a 6.11 dial-in, .057 reaction time.

DSC 2739

Sportsman —Robert Schoemer (Little River) 8.15 on an 8.16 dial-in, .089 reaction time defeated Aaron Jordan (I-30) 9.14 on a 9.17 dial-in, -.068 reaction time.

DSC 2632

Junior —Carson Russell (I-30) 7.91 on a 7.91 dial-in, .032 reaction time defeated Graeme Rufenacht (I-30) 7.89 on a 7.80 dial-in, .042 reaction time.

DSC 2641




Friday’s Gambler’s Race:

Top — Conner Pullen (Amarillo) 4.95 on a 4.96 dial-in, .045 reaction time defeated Thomas Marlow (Xtreme 2) 5.88 on a 5.90 dial-in, .039 reaction time.

Mod — Kevin Martin (I-30) 6.12 on a 6.11 dial-in, .020 reaction time defeated Hayden Trumble (I-30 Team 2) 6.24 on a 6.25 dial-in, .038 reaction time.

Sportsman — Michael Shirley (Little River 2) 7.58 on a 7.56 dial-in, .048 reaction time defeated Brad Baxter (Xtreme) 7.53 on a 7.50 dial-in, .068 reaction time.

Junior — Austin Free (Pine Valley) 8.12 on an 8.12 dial-in, .010 reaction time defeated Reilly Garceau (Alamo City) 7.85 on a 7.90 dial-in, .070 reaction time.

Sunday’s Gambler’s Race:

Top — Jay Robinson (Sante Fe, Tex.) 4.86 on a 4.86 dial-in, .010 reaction time defeated Caden Meuth (Boerne, Tex.) 4.90 on a 4.90 dial-in, .014 reaction time.

Mod — Miguel Montoya (San Antonio) 6.46 on a 6.50 dial-in, .056 reaction time defeated Duane Garner (Bryan, Tex.) 6.54 on a 6.57 dial-in, -.004 reaction time.

Junior — Carmon Nelson (Pearland, Tex.) 7.95 on an 7.90 dial-in, .042 reaction time defeated Mike Barker (Wichita Falls, Tex.) 7.94 on a 7.92 dial-in, .080 reaction time.

Special Awards:

Best Appearing Open Bodied Car — Tina Hudel, Little River Dragway
Best Engineered Open Bodied Car — Chris Burrell, Amarillo Dragway
Best Appearing Full Bodied Car — Steve Mack, Amarillo Dragway
Best Engineered Full Bodied Car — Fred Garvin, Little River Dragway
Best Appearing Junior Dragster — Mallory Mosley, Pine Valley Dragway
Best Engineered Junior Dragster — Willem Prins, Amarillo Dragway
Best Team Spirit — Alamo City Motorplex
Best Decorated Grandstand — Xtreme Raceway Park
Best Appearing Team — Little River Dragway
Track Operators Race — Tyler West, Amarillo Dragway

Team standings

  1. I-30 Dragway                85
  2. Xtreme Raceway Park  55
  3. Pine Valley Raceway    46
  4. Amarillo Dragway         43
  5. I-30 Team 2                  40
  6. Alamo City Motorplex   37
  7. Little River Dragway     34
  8. Xtreme Team 2             27
  9. Prescott Raceway        24
  10. Little River Team 2       4
  11. Evadale Dragway         4
Last modified on Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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