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Xtreme Raceway Park Captures IHRA Division 4 (Renegades) Championship

Monday, 28 September 2020
TRUMBULL, Texas — Xtreme Raceway Park captured the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 4 (Renegades) Summit Team Finals held at Xtreme Raceway Park over the weekend.
Xtreme Raceway Park took a 75-56 win over defending champions Pine Valley Raceway. Other tracks who participated were Amarillo Dragway, Little River Dragway, and Edinburg Motorsports Park.
Leading up to the main event, racers participated in Gamblers Races on Friday and Sunday, Golf Cart race, Track Operators race and “best of” awards.
Main Event:
Donald Drury (Amarillo Dragway) put together a winning package with a 6.790 elapsed time at 97.23 mph against a 6.78 dial-in, along with a .018 reaction time. Runner-up Jay Robinson (Pine Valley Raceway) raced down the track in 4.946 seconds at 139.66 mph against a 4.92 dial-in with a .014 reaction time.
 Donald Drury
Tim “Coach” Ray (Pine Valley Raceway) won against final-round opponent Tripp West (Xtreme Raceway Park). Ray had a 6.266-second run at 106.84 mph with a .045 reaction time. West who red lighted posted a 6.199 elapsed time at 110.31 mph with a -.022-reaction time. 
 Tim Ray
Brad Baster (Xtreme Raceway Park 2) captured the win with a 7.703 elapsed time at 88.50 mph and coupled it with a .088 reaction time. Dewayne Custer (Pine Valley Raceway) went 7.632 seconds at 76.01 mph with a .077 reaction time. 
 Brad Baster
Junior Dragster
Aaron Jordan (Xtreme Raceway Park) had a .054 reaction time and then raced down the 1/8-mile at 8.590 seconds and 61.37 mph. Graeme Rufenacht (Xtreme Raceway Park) finished runner-up with an 10.395 elapsed time at 30.83 mph but red lighted with a -.025 reaction time. 
 Aaron jordan
Friday Gambler’s Race
Top — Rodney Costlow (Pine Valley) 4.53 on a 4.51 dial-in, .509 reaction time defeated Clif Loveless (Xtreme Raceway Park) 5.87 on a 5.87 dial-in, .526 reaction time.
Mod — Cameron Fulfer (Xtreme Raceway Park) 6.09 on a 6.08 dial-in, .548 reaction time defeated Jeremy Casey (Xtreme Raceway Park 2) 6.42 on a 6.43 dial-in, .459 reaction time.
Sportsman — Jackie Hibbard (Pine Valley Raceway) 7.82 on a 7.75 dial-in, .523 reaction time defeated Garvin Lehew (Pine Valley Raceway) 7.70 on a 7.60 dial-in, .610 reaction time.
Junior — Aaron Jordan (Xtreme Raceway Park) 8.14 on a 8.07 dial-in, .567 reaction time defeated Kathryn Walker (Pine Valley Raceway) 7.96 on a 7.96 dial-in, .752 reaction time.
Friday Last Chance Gambler’s Race
Top — Michael Holcombe (Pine Valley Raceway) 4.69 on a 4.68 dial-in, .504 reaction time defeated Donald Drury (Amarillo Dragway) 6.79 on a 6.76 dial-in, .520 reaction time.
Mod — Kyle Price (Little River Dragway 2) 5.86 on a 5.90 dial-in, .505 reaction time defeated Tim Ray (Pine Valley Raceway) 6.26 on a 6.32 dial-in, .535 reaction time.
Junior Dragster— Willem Prins (Amarillo Dragway) 8.01 on a 7.98 dial-in, .520 reaction time defeated Wade Walker (Pine Valley Raceway) 7.91 on a 7.92 dial-in, .660 reaction time.
Sunday Gambler’s Race
Top — Brad Young (Xtreme Raceway Park 2) 5.88 on a 5.87 dial-in, .009 reaction time defeated Blaine Parks (Xtreme Raceway Park) 6.41 on a 6.41 dial-in, .021 reaction time.
Mod — Matt Diamond (Amarillo Dragway) 6.59 on a 5.99 dial-in, .018 reaction time defeated Tim Traylor (Amarillo Dragway) 5.60 on a 5.61 dial-in,-.001 reaction time.
Junior — Aaron Jordan (Xtreme Raceway Park) 8.07 on an 8.10 dial-in, .033 reaction time defeated Brodie Bennett (Amarillo Dragway) 7.99 on a 8.02 dial-in, .025 reaction time.
Special Awards
Best Appearing Junior Dragster- Ty Janousek, Little River Dragway
Best Appearing Full Body Car- Rob Taylor, Xtreme Raceway Park 2
Best Appearing Open Body Car- Rocky McClain, Xtreme Raceway Park 2
Best Engineered Full Body Car- Shannon Grissom, Xtreme Raceway Park 2
Best Engineered Open Body Car- Bryan Bennett, Amarillo Dragway
Bets Engineered Junior Dragway- Brodie Bennett, Amarilo Dragway
Best Appearing Team- Pine Valley Raceway
Best Team Spirit- Pine Valley Raceway
Best Decorated Grandstands- Little River Raceway
Track Operators Race- Pine Valley Raceway
Golf Cart Race- Chance Turman, Pine Valley Raceway
Team Standings
1.Xtreme Raceway Park75
2.Pine Valley Raceway56
3.Amarillo Dragway51
4.Little River Dragway40
5.Xtreme Raceway Park 2 34
6.Little River Dragway 214
7.Edinburg Motorsports Park1
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