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SCRUBBLADE Wipers Pass the Test for IHRA Racers

Thursday, 04 October 2018
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — SCRUBBLADE, the official wiper blade of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), is the top-rated wiper blade among off-road enthusiasts, professional truck drivers and everyday commuters.
The HD and Platinum blades feature new patented SCRUBBING technology. With the high-quality and all-weather construction, no other company has ever designed a wiper blade that actually wipes rain, bug and road debris like SCRUBBLADE.
In a debris removal test performed by AKRON Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL), SCRUBBLADE went head-to-head against the largest wiper blade companies and proved to be 6 – 12 times more effective than its competitors at removing debris effectively. 
SCRUBBLADE has a low blade profile which prevents wide lift and the inside blade provides smear-free visibility. Adapters are included to fit over 98 percent of all vehicles.
In addition to helping IHRA drag racers hauling their equipment to the track, SCRUBBLADE has sponsored the golf cart races at the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular events. The company also served as the title sponsor of SCRUBBLADE Sunday at the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular at US 131 Motorsports Park.
Team SCRUBBLADE operates with remarkable attention to customer service and its perfected design resonates with customers, enthusiasts and retailers around the nation. 
IHRA Division Director Jon O’Neal is a true believer in SCRUBBLADE’s innovative products. He literally puts the wipers to the test on a daily basis and finds them to be everything advertised.
“The bulletproof nature of SCRUBBLADE wipers have held up to the harshest environments my IHRA dually sees,” O’Neal said. “If you haven’t seen the size of the bugs in Iowa during a harvest or the salt trucks throwing boulders on the New York highways in December then trust that an IHRA windshield sees some abuse. It was nice to find something that worked after being disappointed by overpriced and under-delivering products. 
“Every friend and family member has become a convert to the product. It’s a value-driven, simple, yet brilliant solution that it’s a no brainer for any car lover. In my mind, these things belong on every tow rig in the pits to make those tough hauls a little more bearable.”
For more information about SCRUBBLADE wipers and to locate a retailer visit SCRUBBLADE.com
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