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Introducing The IHRA Members’ Loyalty Program Powered By Abenity

Monday, 26 April 2021

For our 50th Anniversary year, the IHRA has come up with a way to thank you for your loyal support - the IHRA Members’ Loyalty Program Powered by Abenity!

To our loyal IHRA members,

Do you like saving money? Want to make traveling easier? What about discounts on some exciting entertainment options for the entire family? The IHRA Members’ Loyalty Program Powered by Abenity has a plan in place for all of that and much more.

Free to all IHRA members, you will be able to save by receiving discounts on several our featured programs, including discounts on car rentals, hotels, movies, and many more.

How To Sign Up:

Head on over to https://ihra.abenity.com/ and register. Doing so does not cost a thing! During signups, you, as a loyal IHRA member, will be provided with a code to gain access to all that IHRA Members’ Loyalty Program Powered by Abenity has to offer. All you have to do is call the IHRA at 561-337-3446 to receive your special, IHRA members’-only code.

You can also download the mobile app by searching “Abenity” on your phone or electronic device.

Where To Go From There:

You can check out offers via the “Discounts” section. You can search for discounts near you, or, if you are traveling, you can check out hotels from outside your area. That way if you want to travel to one of our events, Disney, etc., there is an option.

You can also save on automotive shopping with old and used cars, as well as earn movie tickets from any select location!

Use the Categories, Brands, Recommendations, etc. sections to browse through opportunities out there. There really is no limit to what you can accomplish and save by being a part of this program.

You can also check out the “Demo” video at the bottom of the main page for any help you may need.

This rewards program will be a continuation of the IHRA’s goal to provide a valuable service for you, our members, and to thank you for your support of The Premier Grass Roots Drag Racing Series.

Last modified on Thursday, 03 June 2021