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Firesuit Recertification


Recertification requirements for 3.2A/10, 3.2A/15 and 3.2A/20 Driver Suits

The SFI Spec for Driver Suits states that all jacket and pants or driver suits that meet the SFI Spec 3.2A/10 or higher must be recertified on a five-year interval. Suits with these higher ratings have SFI patches that indicate the year of manufacture on them.

The five-year recertification, which was first required in 2000, has raised a few questions about the implementation of the expiration date on non-dated suits.

Below are the recertification dates for the different year patches currently available:

SFI Patch Insignia

Recertification Time Frame

No date patch

Certification expires on 12/31/04

2001 date patch

Certification expires on 12/31/05

2002 date patch

Certification expires on 12/31/06

2003 date patch

Certification expires on 12/31/07

2004 date patch

Certification expires on 12/31/08

For recertification, owners of driver suits should contact the original manufacturer to find out their procedures for returning the suits for inspection and recertification.

On driver suits with sewn-in arm restraints, the date stamped on the arm restraints is a reference date for the manufacturer and has no bearing on the suit's expiration date. For further questions on the requirements, contact either the manufacturer of your driver suit, or SFI .

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