T400 MAX DUTY LOCK UP T400 ratios from 1.51 to 2.75 available depending on application! SUPERGLIDE 4 LOCK-UP PG ratios from 1.58 to 2.18 available depending on application! T350 SUPERCASE TRANSMISSIONS INTERMEDIATE AND INPUT SHAFTS 2-PIECE OUTPUTS HIGH FLOW FRONT PUMPS BILLETVALVE BODIES SFI SUPERCASES SFI BELL HOUSINGS The perfect option for racers who prefer to run an OEM case. These new bells are SFI 30.1 certified and made from 356-T6 permanent mold cast aluminum. All ATI bells are made in the USA. Our Direct Fit Bell Housings are available for the T350, T400, Powerglide and Metric T200. The standard version is designed to bolt on to the face of the pump and the case finish is not as critical. The Direct Fit version is designed to actually indicate on the outside diameter of the pump and precise machining is required. ATI custom machines an indicating guide into the OEM case to accept a new SFI Direct Fit Bell for a perfect fit. THE BEST PARTS BUILD THE BEST TRANSMISSIONS! NEW! SFI 30.1 Bolt-On Direct Fit Bell Housings SFI FLEXPLATES SUPER FATF CONVERTERS ATI offers Lock-Up options on our Superglide 4 and T400 Max Duty transmissions and are now available with Bolt-Together Lock-Up Converters! ATI can even convert your current PG or T400 transmission to Lock-up, with small or big input shafts! ATIDRAGRACING.COM // 877-298-4598 © 2019 ATI Performance Products, Inc.