MPT Industries, the official motor oil of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) and a valued contingency partner, opened its doors in 1985 in the rural town of Dover, N.J., at first selling chemicals from other companies. However, when MPT Industries President Michael Trueba realized he could do things better than other companies, MPT Industries took on the slow process to find the best blends to manufacture high quality lubrication products. MPT Industries has set the standard for improvements in lubrication and automotive appearance technology. MPT motor oils are comprised of the finest synthetic basestocks and friction reducing additives for longer engine life, better fuel economy and extended drain intervals. One of the most popular choices amongst racers is MPT Racing Oil which is comprised of 100% synthetic ester and polyalphaolefin basestocks. The result leads to longer engine life, reduced heat and friction and better performance. “We manufacture everything in- house,” Trueba said. “It leads to us having the proper quality control on our products.” While motor oil is part of the business, many new products are also coming out in late May 2019. Those include a new gear oil for racing featuring a heavyweight and lightweight blend. Testing is currently being down with sprint car teams in the Northeast. Additionally, manual transmission oil is also in the works making shifting easier. If you browse the MPT Industries website, you will come across some products consumers can use around their house every day. “One item that surprises people that we offer is a product called MPT-Twelve which is a great product to have around the house,” Trueba said. “It is a lubricant and penetrant which works very well with hinges, cables and chains, locks and latches and prevents rust and binding.” In addition, MPT Industries also produces a firearm lubricant which is highly popular amongst the military and law enforcement. Other products include appearance products which consist of three levels. The MPT Classic polish coasts your vehicle with a durable, superior high-gloss finish. MPT Argos provides a durable, slippery smooth finish that repels dirt, bugs and grime. Finally, MPT Icon is the ultimate in exterior protection. After twelve or more applications the formula acts as a liquid paint protection film. “Most of our products were designed for industrial use,” Trueba said. “However, as we have branched out into the consumer end we have seen an increase in use of our products by advertising within racing which we rely on heavily as testaments to how MPT products work.” For more information about MPT Industries to browse the extensive line of products visit MPT Industries Provides Racers and Consumers High-Quality Products 23 22