JOE SOUCEK, a Rittman, Ohio racer, had a winning package on Moser Engineering Saturday with a 6.609-second pass at 102.23 mph against a 6.60 dial-in and a .008 reaction time. Runner-up A.J. Buchanan from Vickery, Ohio finished with a 6.327 elapsed time at 107.99 against a 6.33 dial-in and a .0274 reaction time. BOB LYKINS, from Fairborn, Ohio, scored the Top win when Soucek red-lighted by just -.003 of a second. Lykins’ final run included a 6.482 elapsed time at 102.69 against a 6.49 dial-in. Soucek’s foul cost him as he matched his 6.60 dial-in at 102.48 mph. ANTONIO IOCOANGELI from Monroe, Mich., won Saturday’s Masters race, going down the track in 7.926 seconds at 76.57 mph with a .037 reaction time. Callie Martel from Carleton, Mich., had a final-round run of 7.875 seconds at 84.10 mph and a .022 reaction time. DEREK SIMON won Saturday’s Street final on a holeshot. Simon, from Continental, Ohio, had a .012 reaction time to go with his 12.288-second run at 103.47 against a 12.24 dial-in. Donnie Hay from Navarre, Ohio went down the track in 12.186 seconds at 107.99 mph against a 12.16 dial-in after a .042 start. Ohio racers BRANDON BUCHANAN and Brianasia Pollard met in the Advanced final. Buchanan won with a .022 reaction time and a 9.368-second run at 64.71 mph. Pollard left the line later at .091 and then finished with a 9.004-second pass at 71.51 mph. SETH JIMENEZ from Waterford, Mich., was the winner in the Junior Masters on a holeshot. He had a .049 reaction time to go along with a 7.963 elapsed time at 78.91 mph. Lyndsey Bordl from New Carlisle, Ohio was .105 at the start and then made an 8.074 run at 79.27 mph. With the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular catered to the individual tracks, JOEY BRANDGARD from Northfield, Ohio was the winner in the Motorcycle division. He had a 9.086-second ride at 141.78 mph with a .055 reaction time. Runner-up Michael Maday from Cleveland posted a time of 9.486 seconds at 135.30 mph combined with a .058 reaction time. REZA GHOUZADEH from Fairlawn, Ohio took first-place in Street. He went 12.267 seconds at 104.21 mph against a 12.17 dial-in with a .196 reaction time. Scott Haas from Clyde, Ohio finished in 12.508 seconds at 102.58 mph against a 12.51 dial-in. He had a .089 reaction time. It was another win for the Iocoangeli family from Monroe, Mich., in Sunday’s Junior Advanced race. ROMAN IOCOANGELI had a winning effort of 9.000 seconds at 70.61 mph with a .339 reaction time. Sam Harvanek of Cheswick, Pa., add to his own family’s drag racing tradition making to the final round and posting a 9.101-second run at 70.87 mph with a .210 reaction time. FULL RECAP ROUND WINNERS DRAGWAY 42 RECAP May 17-19, 2019 17 16