MICHAEL PASCHAL from Greensboro, N.C., won the Moser Engineering Saturday top prize in the Top division. Paschal went down the track in 4.696 seconds at 147.01 mph against a 4.70 dial-in, paired with a .019 reaction time to beat Chris Mancini of Allison Park, Pa., in the final round. Mancini had a .014 reaction time and then posted a 6.297 elapsed time at 108.28 mph against a 6.31 dial-in. ROGER ROBERTSON from Blowing Rock, N.C., took the Top division’s top prize for Battle Born Batteries Sunday. He was also quick off the starting tree with a .023 reaction time and motored down the track in 5.816 seconds at 115.98 mph against a 5.78 dial-in. ANTHONY BRIGGS from Lexington, N.C., finished in 5.995 seconds at 114.53 mph against 5.95 dial-in and claimed the runner-up spot. FARMINGTON DRAGWAY RECAP March 22-24, 2019 COREY HAWKS from Winston-Salem, N.C., captured the $2,500-to-win Footbrake title when opponent Brandon White from Hillsville, Va., red-lighted in the final round. With the race in hand, Hawks eased down the track in 10.747 seconds against a 6.30 dial- in. White was just -.007 too quick at the starting line. JAMIE HOUSTON from Wytheville, Va., captured the $2,500-to- win Footbrake victory. He had a .029 reaction time and then ran 6.382 seconds at 103.26 against a 6.37 dial-in. Nick Lucas from Seymour, Tenn., finished runner-up with a 6.851-second run at 107.17 mph against a 6.59 dial-in, along with a .033 reaction time. In the Junior Dragster class, PHILLIP RADFORD from Radford, Va., had a solid run of 9.056 seconds at 67.38 mph against a 9.03 dial-in after a .071 start. Runner-up Ben Gibson posted numbers of 8.013 seconds at 80.72 mph against a 7.97 dial-in. Gibson had a .059 reaction time. OZELL BROWN from Renick, W. Va., denied Radford’s bid to sweep Junior Dragster victories. His quick .038 reaction time and an 8.216 elapsed time at 71.35 mph against an 8.15 dial-in outweighed Radford’s final run of 9.225 seconds at 67.38 mph against a 9.06 dial- in with a .073 reaction time. BRAD CARPENTER from Galax, Va., won on a holeshot in Street .065 to .123 for runner-up Darrell Hobbs from Lexington, N.C. Carpenter’s final package included a 7.584-second run at 87.65 mph against a 7.56 dial-in. Hobbs finished in 8.07 seconds at 84.81 mph against an 8.05 dial-in. In the Street division, CHRIS GIBSON from Lexington, N.C., took the win over Bob Goss from Advance, N.C., who red- lighted in the final. With a .053 reaction time, Gibson cruised down the track at 11.798 seconds against an 11.86 dial-in. Goss came painstakingly close to a perfect start, going -.005 too quick at the tree. He was spot-on down the track, posting an 8.082-second run against an 8.08 dial-in. In a teen final of North Carolina racers, NICK SMITH from Lenoir was the victor with his .086 reaction time faster than the .188 start by Bryce Childress from Mocksville. Smith made it down the track in 11.034 seconds at 60.54 mph, while Childress made an 11.508-second pass at 61.97 mph. The Teen final featured a rematch with this time CHILDRESS coming out on top with an 11.553-second run at 62 mph against an 11.50 dial-in. He had a .042 reaction time, while Smith fouled -.009 at the start. Smith’s final run was 11.050 seconds at 63.25 mph against a 10.94-second dial-in. TEEN TEEN STREET STREET TOP TOP FOOTBRAKE FOOTBRAKE JUNIOR DRAGSTER JUNIOR DRAGSTER FULL RECAP ROUND WINNERS 13 12