“I also remember going to Quaker City a lot when I was younger and other places. Dragway 42, it’s awesome anytime I get to go there. It’s such an awesome facility and a prime race track.” He loves the competition that IHRA provides and called it a big feat to win the Keystone race. He has frequently raced track champions against defending IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Champion Chris Black, who won the No Box class at the IHRA Summit World Finals. “Chris is a guy I’ve raced a lot over the Northeast territory and he’s one when you pull up next to, it’s going to be a tough race,” Bowman said. “There are times he’s gotten me and times I’ve gotten him. That’s what I like about IHRA. It’s that competition and when you can beat somebody like him, it’s a great feeling.” Another IHRA No Box World Champion, Vic Ellinger, helped Bowman by letting him drive his backup car, when Bowman’s own car was undergoing repairs. Another factor in Bowman’s success is his own determination as he said composure, consistency and a mindset to go for it every time is key to a drag racer’s success. It’s also more than hobby for him, but truly a passion. “People ask me if I ever go on vacation and I tell them I go on vacation every weekend when I go racing,” Bowman said. “One of my favorite things is just towing there, getting to see different places where there are different mountains you drive through and seeing different places to race. I love going out somewhere where it’s a tough race to win and to compete with the best out there, I can’t come up with a better feeling than that.” 7