or five years, we’ve relied more on Phil Kerrigan from Gallagher. I rely on him heavily to keep us updated on risk management issues that are changing and how it impacts racers, spectators or managing facilities in general. He’s really our conduit now, and Gallagher — by proxy — became our risk management department. Gallagher has been our big brother in that respect, and it’s comforting to know that I can make one phone call to one person, and I’ll get what I need. That really helps a small group like ours function. Why is Gallagher a good partner fit for the IHRA? Skooter: What I found to be nice about Gallagher — more than anybody that I’ve worked with in the last 16 years — is that they give us a global footprint. That’s the direction we’re headed. So, when I call a track, or a track calls us in, Skooter Peaco is the Vice President of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). Having served for many years as the Director of Race Operations, he has a unique understanding of the drag racing landscape. Gallagher Racing sat down with Skooter to discuss the state of the IHRA and the important role insurance plays in their growth. say Western Canada, I know that I can get them insured, because Gallagher’s got a group that does business in Canada. Or if Australia calls, I know that Gallagher’s got a group in Australia. Or when a guy from the Middle East calls, I’m willing to bet that Gallagher has a guy out there that’s willing to help me. That helps us convert or acquire tracks, because one of the first things they want to talk about is insurance. Obviously, in motorsports, if you don’t have a stable insurance provider, then you don’t have a sport. This business doesn’t run without insurance on any level. So that’s been a great benefit for us — having a global footprint via Gallagher that can take care of us no matter where the track is. For more information about Gallagher visit www.ajg.com or call 630-773-3800. 27