MPT Industries, the official motor oil of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) and contingency partner, has set the standard for improvements in lubrication and automotive technology. Since 1985, one of the key differences consumers find in MPT products is that they use ester basestocks in oils. Ester basestocks are used primarily in jet engines and hold up to heat better than synthetic oil counterparts. However, Michael Trueba, President of MPT Industries based in in Dover, N.J., saw how the inclusion of ester basestocks in automotive products were a natural fit. After numerous laboratory tests to perfect the blend, MPT motor oil was born. The oil reduces heat and friction to increase power and performance beyond the capabilities of petroleum and other synthetics. Higher levels of zinc and phosphorous for anti-wear protection help against extreme conditions. The ester basestocks protect against high heat and fuel dilution. KEY TO MPT INDUSTRIES SUCCESS QUALITY PRODUCTS MPT Industries has an extensive line of products ranging from Thirty-K oil designed for cars to reach up to 30,000 miles drain interval depending on driving conditions and styles. For engines subject to start and stop it is recommended to drain the oil after 15,000 miles. Other products include motorcycle oil, oil treatments for gas and diesel engines, fuel additives, MPT Twelve lubrications and penetration spray, greases and lubricants, and MPT Firearm lubricants. “We are a small, yet diverse company focused on the manufacturing of some of the finest products on the market,” MPT Industries President Michael Trueba said. “MPT Industries prides itself on producing top tier oils and lubricants and through all of our testing it shows when compared to other products.” New products that have been developed are a new racing gear oil and MPT Cooler designed for race cars, sports cars, muscle cars trucks and heavy equipment or just about any vehicle that runs hot. By adding MPT Cooler you will see a dramatic decrease in water temperature. And prevents the radiator from overheating. For motorcycle enthusiasts 2 cycle racing oil is also coming soon. MPT Industries is a contingency partner in the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular and awards the highest finishing competitor in Top, Mod, and Junior Dragsters who uses oil for their car if they provide proof of purchase MPT Industries offers a money back guarantee with proof of purchase on all lubricants, sealants, additives, and appearance products. For more information on MPT Industries, visit 24