35 A printed version of the current Manley catalog plus a T-shirt are yours for $10. Please list size when ordering. Connect to our website via your smart phone P O W E R S T H E W I N N E R S 7 3 2 - 9 0 5 - 3 3 6 6 www.manleyperformance.com It Pays To Use The Best Components! It’s a win-win situation; using the best parts helps you win races, and also qualifies you for Manley’s IHRA Major Sponsor contingency awards. Manley has I-beam and H-beam rods manufactured from 4340 chrome moly and 300M steel alloys and precision machined to provide you with an optimum combination of high strength at minimum weight. These include many IHRA-accepted Stock and S/S replacement rods. Likewise, Manley’s NexTek® valve springs are the pinnacle of performance, providing the desired pressure with minimal load loss. What’s more, Manley’s lightweight, compact dual springs can take the place of triple spring packages and increase your RPM potential while reducing valve train component wear. Manley Forged Steel Connecting Rods and NexTek® Valve Springs Provide Winning Performance —plus Contingency Cash ran strictly brackets: 7.90, 8.90, 9.90, and that wasn’t me so I didn’t go. In ‘87, I put the car up for sale because I thought there wouldn’t be any more Super Stock. A bunch of people called me. I gave $4,500 for it, but I asked $10,000 because I’d upgraded it. A lot had been done While he hasn’t hoisted a championship trophy since 2008, Boyles continues to win races. He won a Stick Shift Race in Elk Creek, Va., on May 13, 2017 – some 46 years after his first win. That’s a level of longevity seldom seen in any sport. “I’m 71; will be 72 in July, and I know it’s crazy to keep running that old car, but we have the best time. I keep a grill and a tank in my truck, and we cook out at all the races. We have some fun. At Norwalk one year in the 80s, we went out on Lake Erie Walleye fishing. We drank beer – the guy driving the boat didn’t – but the guys fishing did. We caught Walleye, we caught Perch and some kind of rock bass. That Perch was really good. They deep fried them, and it just fell off the bone. It was white meat – it looked like chicken, but it wasn’t chicken.” As long as the good times keep rolling, Boyles says he’ll keep driving, “I’ll race as long as my health’s good. Everything’s paid for.” to it, but nobody wanted to buy it for that price. Then in 1990, IHRA changed hands again, and they went back to the old rules and started running Super Stock. I won the points in ‘90, ‘91 and ‘92. Everybody called wanting to buy it, but I wouldn’t sell it!”