29 And then there was the time seven years later when the 15-year-old driver posed as an adult and almost got away with it. “We knew a guy that was really short and had a license to race, and obviously I didn’t have one,” the younger Miller said. “As soon as he got back from tech I suited up, got in it and started practicing and qualifying. We were qualified eighth and went for the third qualifier, and we tried to put a little more steam in it. It snatched the front tires in the air, then his son mostly manages and for which his younger sister, Brooke, also drives. As of June 19, Brooke was third in the Darlington Dragway IHRA Summit Super Series Junior Dragster point standings where she’s recorded a win and a runner-up; she is also third in the PDRA Top Junior class as of June 19. In addition to running Darlington Dragway, the elder Miller owns the Pee Dee Fleet Truck and Trailer Center, a truck and trailer parts and service center in Hartsville, S.C. It is clear both father and son are committed to drag racing – the elder running a state-of-the-art race track and funding the team with the younger chasing his dreams – but the dreamer appears to have it all in perspective. “You gotta love work to race this sport at this level,” Tylor Miller said. “The hobby in it starts to fade a little bit, and it becomes more of a job. You really have to have a passion for it because if you don’t, you won’t last.” went into smoke and slammed the front end. I didn’t know if I was leaking oil so I pulled off to the side, and everybody came to check on me. “I didn’t want to open the doors and let them see how young I was. I was 15, but I looked like a 10-year- old. I thought the guy was gonna break the door so I just unlocked it. He told me to stay in the car. They pulled me around, and the lady told my Dad, ‘Russell, I’m not saying your son can’t drive. I’m just saying he can’t drive here.’ We got knocked out, but we were happy – it was fun.” Like many young racers, Tylor Miller has professional aspirations. He dreams of the day a sponsor will believe in him and invest in his future which would alleviate the annual investment Russell Miller is now making in Pee Dee Fleet Motorsports, the team