16 A printed version of the current Manley catalog plus a T-shirt are yours for $10. Please list size when ordering. Connect to our website via your smart phone P O W E R S T H E W I N N E R S 7 3 2 - 9 0 5 - 3 3 6 6 www.manleyperformance.com It Pays To Use The Best Components! It’s a win-win situation; using the best parts helps you win races, and also qualifies you for Manley’s IHRA Major Sponsor contingency awards. Manley has I-beam and H-beam rods manufactured from 4340 chrome moly and 300M steel alloys and precision machined to provide you with an optimum combination of high strength at minimum weight. These include many IHRA-accepted Stock and S/S replacement rods. Likewise, Manley’s NexTek® valve springs are the pinnacle of performance, providing the desired pressure with minimal load loss. What’s more, Manley’s lightweight, compact dual springs can take the place of triple spring packages and increase your RPM potential while reducing valve train component wear. Manley Forged Steel Connecting Rods and NexTek® Valve Springs Provide Winning Performance —plus Contingency Cash