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Hatton Finally Breaks Through and Captures IHRA Summit SuperSeries Modified Championship

Wednesday, 25 November 2020
After trying to win the IHRA Summit SuperSeries Modified Championship for three consecutive years, Mason Hatton finally broke through and captured the prestigious championship at Memphis International Raceway. 
Hatton, from Jeffersonville, Ky., accomplished his goal after trying so many times and coming up short in each attempt. 
“I was really excited when I realized I won the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Championship,” Mason Hatton said. “It has been my goal to win this championship after my first trip to Memphis three years ago.”
Mason Hatton drove his 1964 Chevrolet Nova powered by a 385 cubic inch motor to 6.10-second pass at 104.72 mph to claim the win over Michael Wayne Turman from Thorndale, Texas.
Despite the accomplishment of winning the IHRA Summit SuperSeries Modified Championship, Hatton has faced many ups and downs along the way. Having his fair share of losses, Hatton credits his father for helping him become the racer he is today. 
“When I first started racing, my dad would have me race against the best racers at the track,” Hatton said. “While I may have lost some races, I am a competitive person and it taught me how to work hard to achieve wins.  It amounts to becoming a better racer on track and a better person off track.”
With the win, Hatton won $20,000 from Summit Racing Equipment, a seven-night/eight-day vacation for two on the island of Aruba, a world championship diamond ring, a world championship Ironman Trophy and IHRA Gold Card.
“Winning the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals was all I ever wanted,” Hatton said. “However, the trip to Aruba, diamond ring and not to mention Ironman were added bonuses. Most of off I think my wife will get to enjoy spending the money.”
Making it Memphis for Hatton almost did not happen as he was having issues with his car and wasn’t sure if he would get to race it. Thankfully for Hatton friends from I-64 Motorplex bought their car to Memphis as a backup in the event Hatton’s primary car would not be able to compete.
“I have to thank the Holstion family,” Hatton said. “I was having issues with my car and they did not hesitate to bring their car to Memphis as a backup for me to race.”
For Hatton winning the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals is a dream come true. However, getting to celebrate with his dad, sons, family and friends upon getting home from the race made it even more memorable.
“I have to first thank the good Lord for the ability to be able to race,” Hatton said. “Most importantly, I need to thank my dad. I couldn’t be where I am today without his support along the way. My two sons and my dad travel with me to almost every race and it is special to share the moment with them. I also must give a special thanks to my wife who doesn’t enjoy racing as much as I do but is very supportive of me no matter what happens win or lose. My good friend Kelly Eckles has played a key role in ensuring my car has had a good tune-up in it all year. Finally, I need to thank Tim and Donna Baldridge at I-64 Motorplex for giving each racer a place to race and Summit Racing Equipment and the IHRA for this amazing program for grassroots sportsman racers.”

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