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Summit Sportsman Spectacular





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  • All Purses Guaranteed.  No Minimums.
  • Box, No Box and Juniors Welcome
  • Summit Super Series Member Benefits
  • Racer Appreciation Cookout
  • Golf Cart Race
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Round Prizes
  • IHRA Ironman For Event Winners
  • Big Championship Checks
  • All IHRA and NHRA Credentials Accepted
  • Please review individual event flyer for specific payout and race format specifics as events may be different.


  • Box and Junior Class. 
  • No Box racers welcome.  Will be run separate in Box class until 1 car left then mixed into the current round in Box.  $1,000 guaranteed bonus to final No Box car plus main event payout.  Round money paid to No Box the same as Box.  
  • Dragsters vs. Dragsters and Doorcars vs. Doorcars the first 4 rounds
  • No double entries.  One driver can enter 2 different cars.  Two drivers cannot enter the same car.
  • 1/8th Mile.  No ET Breaks
  • No Box vehicles must have delay box removed.  Transbrakes and automated shifters permitted.
  • Box roadsters run with dragsters
  • Deep staging prohibited in all classes including Juniors
  • Cross talk will be on at all times in Box
  • No: downtrack stutter of any kind, wheel or driveshaft counters, traction control or slew rate control, device that transmits or relays track position datato driver or crew prohibited.
  • Throttle stops prohibited.
  • IHRA Rulebook will be used on anything not expressly listed on this flyer


  • All on site entries must purchase both Saturday and Sunday entries upon arrival
  • IHRA Gold Cards accepted towards main event entry
  • All re-entries will run each other with the winners advancing to the next round (*see specific event flyer as this may be different depending on the event)
  • No refunds after 9am each day
  • No refunds of pre-entry fee after 5pm EST the Monday before the event.  You will be responsible for selling your entry after that time.
  • Race lottery tickets will be sold until the end of round 3.  Two tickets will be drawn during round 4 and will come to the lanes to run each other with the winner of that race advancing to round 5.
  • All valid IHRA and NHRA licenses and chassis certifications accepted.  You must be legal to run the ET you are dialing.
  • All valid competition licenses and chassis certifications will be honored at the Summit Sportsman Spectacular events regardless of sanction. All drivers running 0-6.39 in the 1/8-mile must have an IHRA, NHRA or accepted competition license. A valid chassis certification is required for vehicles running 6.00 or quicker. Chassis certifications and license renewals will be available on site. Competitors obtaining an IHRA license for the first time are encouraged to complete the licensing process through the IHRA membership department prior to the event to ensure all documents are acceptable.


  • The race will be run separated into No Box, Box Door cars and Box Open Bodied vehicles.  No Box cars will be called first followed by Door Cars, then Open Bodied vehicles.  
    1. No Box cars will run each other until there is one No Box car remaining.  The remaining No Box car will advance into the next round of Box and be mixed in at that point.  It is possible for there to be a No Box bye and a Box bye in the same round.
    2. Box Door Cars and Box Open Bodied will run separately for the first 4 rounds.  During any round if there is one remaining Box Door Car left they will run a Box Open Bodied car in that round.
    3. The Juniors will run vehicles 11.90 and slower separate from other entries until one 11.90 vehicle remains.  Junior 11.90 and slower vehicles will have their own bye run per round until one 11.90 Junior remains and is mixed in with the rest of the vehicles left in competition.  11.90 and slower entries must dial 11.90 or slower throughout the race.
  • First round bye determined by random draw of tech cards.  Remaining bye runs will be determined by best reaction time of the previous round.  In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be closest to dial (excluding breakouts).  If there is an even number of cars the bye run has lane choice.
  • Unused bye runs do not carry over but may be earned again.
  • No competitor will be allowed to have multiple bye runs unless all remaining competitors have already had one.
  • racers will run the lane they select when pulling into the lanes.  When only 1 lane of vehicles remain a card pull will determine lanes for the remaining pairs and high card gets lane choice.
  • If weather shortens a race, payout will be split among the winners of the last completed round.