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IHRA Summit Pro-Am Tour Triple Race Weekend Results in Five Repeat Winners at Carolina Dragway

Wednesday, 07 September 2016

Tropical Storm Hermine put a damper on the kickoff of the IHRA Summit Pro-Am Tour last weekend at Carolina Dragway forcing the schedule to shift to a day later than scheduled. The Division 1, 2, and 9 racers waited out the rain and ran under sunny skies for the remainder of the triple-header event weekend. Chris Webb (Hot Rod), Glen Furguson (Quick Rod), Clayton Roberts (Top Dragster), Cale Pittman (Junior Beginner) and Kate Hall (Junior Advanced) doubled up and walked away with two Ironman trophies.

Top Sportsman

Cameron Manuel from Winston Salem, North Carolina advanced to the final round against Selma, North Carolina’s Donnie Urban during race number one of the triple race weekend. Manuel won the Top Sportsman Ironman with a .035 reaction time, 4.827 on a 4.82 dial-in at 142.12 mph run against Urban’s .054 reaction time, 4.585 on a 4.56 dial-in at 143.00 mph run.

Peabody Harrell was victorious during day two of Top Sportsman competition at Carolina Dragway. The Lyons, Georgia resident went up against Tim West from Asheville, North Carolina in the final round. West fouled at the line giving Harrell the win with a .022 reaction time, 4.702 on a 4.71 dial-in at 149.85 mph pass.

Tim West redeemed himself during the final day of competition after fouling the day before. He paired up with Paul Mosley from Inman, South Carolina and had a reaction time of .005 with a 4.870 pass on a 4.86 dial-in at 143.41 mph. Runner-up Mosley posted a .025 reaction time, 4.803 on a 4.42 dial-in at 146.13 mph run.

Top Dragster

Top Dragster race one of the Summit Pro-Am Tour pitted Michael White from Arden, North Carolina up against Joseph Bagwell from Hendersonville, North Carolina. Bagwell red-lit at the line giving White the Ironman with a .028 reaction time, 4.714 second run on a 4.66 dial-in at 133.98 mph.

Clayton Roberts dominated the remainder of the weekend as the Willow Springs, North Carolina resident brought home Ironmen on Sunday and Monday. He went up against Brooke Hall on day two and posted a .033 reaction time, 4.684 on a 4.69 dial-in at 146.62 mph pass against Hall’s .018, 4.721 on a 4.74 dial-in, 140.84 mph pass. On the final day, Roberts bettered his reaction time with a .013 and ran 144.61 mph in 4.708 seconds with a 4.70 dial-in. The runner-up position was awarded to Cameron Manuel from Winston Salem, North Carolina with a pass of 4.436 seconds on a 4.42 dial-in at 147.01 with a .020 reaction time.

Super Stock

Adam Hull and Brandon White made their way to the final round in Super Stock on day one at Carolina Dragway. Hull from Jonesville, North Carolina lined-up against White from Hillsville, Virginia and ran a 5.917 second pass on a 5.89 dial-in at 113.65 mph, .028 reaction time. The pass was victorious against White’s .047 reaction time, 6.118 second, 6.10 dial-in at 106.43 mph run.

Brandon White returned to the final round during day two in Super Stock against Jeremy Davis from West Columbia, South Carolina. White would have to settle for the runner-up position again as he fouled at the line. Davis ran a 6.186 second pass with a 6.19 dial-in at 109.53 mph with a .011 reaction time and claimed the Ironman.

The final race of the weekend saw Gil Carty Jr. match up with Jeff Longhany from Wade, North Carolina in the Super Stock final round. Longhany red-lit at the tree giving Wytheville, North Carolina native Carty the win with a .015 reaction time, 6.320 on a 6.32 dial-in at 108.14 mph pass.


Wesley Tucker of Lawrenceville, Georgia picked up the win in Stock Saturday afternoon against Gil Carty from Atkins, Virginia. Carty in his 1997 Camaro, fouled at the line securing the Ironman for Tucker when he ran a 7.057 on a 7.04 dial-in, 94.18 mph pass with a near perfect .002 reaction time.

On day two, Dell Brit from Pembroke, North Carolina claimed the top spot in Stock when he ran a 7.157 second pass on a 7.15 dial-in at 92.84 mph with a .050 reaction time. Cody Phillips from Lumberton, North Carolina finished in the runner-up position when he ran an identical reaction time of .050 with a 6.230 on a 6.21 dial-in, 102.52 mph pass.

Myron Piatek from Holly Hill, Florida took home the third and final Ironmen in Stock on Monday. He and Jeff Longhany of Wade, North Carolina advanced to the final round. Piatek displayed a .026 reaction time, 7.151 on a 7.15 dial-in, 93.34 mph run against Longhany’s .044 reaction time, 6.631 on a 6.65 dial-in, 97.30 mph pass.

Hot Rod

Chris Webb from Four Oaks, North Carolina took home two IHRA Summit Pro-Am Tour trophies over Labor Day weekend. His first victory occurred on day one when he went up against Scott Moore, Valdosta, Georgia, in the finals. Webb in his 1986 Buick had a .019 reaction time, 7.019 on a 7.00 dial-in, 101.19 mph pass against Moore’s .031 reaction time, 7.034 second pass on a 7.00 dial-in, at 105 mph. On the final day, Webb and Kevin Brannon from Boiling Springs, South Carolina faced off. Webb posted a 6.989 on a 7.00 dial-in, 100.40 mph pass with a .025 reaction time against Brannon’s .022 reaction time, 6.972 on a 7.00 dial-in at 109.30 mph pass.

Tucker Creech from Clayton, North Carolina won in Hot Rod on day two against Liz Pittman, Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Creech posted a .013 reaction time, 7.010 on a 7.00 dial-in at 89.23 mph against Pittman’s .200 reaction time, 6.981 on a 7.00 dial-in at 109.66 mph pass.

Super Rod

Matt Tankersley and Ken Buckner lined-up against each other in the first final round of Super Rod at Carolina Dragway. Tankersley of Prospect, Tennessee red-lit at the tree giving Buckner from Ellabell, Georgia the win. Buckner posted a .009 reaction time, 6.378 on a 6.40 dial-in, 115.55 mph pass in his 1927 Ford Roadster.

Day two saw Corey Manuel and Peter Maduri in the final round. Manuel from Winston Salem, North Carolina defeated Maduri, Anderson, Indiana, with a .001 reaction time, 6.400 second at 112.21 mph pass against .034 reaction time. 6.386 second at 109.55 mph run. Both had a 6.40 dial-in time.

John Taylor of Naples, Florida and runner-up finisher in Hot Rod, Kevin Brannon went to the final round on Monday. Brannon took off from the tree too soon allowing Taylor to take home the Super Rod Ironman. Taylor had a perfect reaction time and ran a 6.407 second pass on a 6.40 dial-in at 130.67 mph in his 1999 Dodge Dakota.

Quick Rod

Glen Furguson became a dominate force in Quick Rod as he won back-to-back Ironmen on Saturday and Sunday. He went up against Lee Crawford from Donalds, South Carolina in race number one and posted a .006 reaction time, 5.716 on a 5.70 dial-in at 125.82 mph pass against Crawford’s .021 reaction time, 5.705 on a 5.70 dial-in, 132.02 mph pass. On day two, Furguson bested his day one run with a .001 reaction time, 5.722 second pass at 127.85 mph. Mitchell Harkey from China Grove, North Carolina took the runner-up spot posting a 5.686 second pass on a 5.70 dial-in, 135.99 mph with a .016 reaction time.

The final day of racing saw Frank Altilio of Apopka, Florida and John Bridges of Shelby, North Carolina compete in the finals. Altilio bested Bridges 5.731 on a 5.70 dial-in, 122.54 mph run with a .001 reaction time, 5.717 second pass on a 5.70 dial-in at 135.46 mph.

Junior Beginner

Mason Crews from Summerville, South Carolina claimed the victory in Junior Beginner on Saturday. Crews and Alyssa Rabon from Florence, South Carolina advanced to the final round. Rabon fouled at the line giving Crews the top spot with a .136 reaction time, 11.988 on a 11.96 dial-in at 53.27 mph pass.

Cale Pittman from Selma, North Carolina doubled-up in Junior Beginner at the IHRA Summit Pro Am Tour last weekend. He went up against race one winner Mason Crews in race two and posted a .012 reaction time, 12.062 on a 11.98 dial-in, 52.08 mph pass. Crews displayed a .179 reaction time, 11.949 on a 11.96 dial-in, 53 mph run to finish runner-up. On the final day, Pittman and Carter Hull from Mt. Airy, North Carolina advanced to the last round. Pittman ran a 11.986 on a 11.90 dial-in, 52.76 mph pass compared to Hull’s 11.732 on a 11.90 dial-in, 45.16 mph pass with a .168 reaction time.

Junior Advanced

Kate Hall from Nokesville, Virginia visited the winner’s circle at Carolina Dragway twice during the IHRA Summit Pro Am Tour. Hall competed against Isaac Bridges in the first race and posted a .035 reaction time, 8.933 on an 8.90 dial-in at 72.93 mph pass against Bridges’ .076 reaction time, 9.087 on a 9.06 dial-in at 70.25 mph pass. The momentum continued on day two as Hall defeated Seth Brooks from Surgoinsville, Tennessee in the final round. Hall ran an 8.909 on a 8.90 dial-in, 72.94 mph pass with a .032 reaction time against Brooks’ .30 reaction time, 8.925 on an 8.90 dial-in, 73.96 mph pass.

Bryce Pittman, brother of Junior Beginner winner Cale Pittman, claimed the victory on the final day of competition. Pittman lined-up against Isaac Bridges who finished runner-up during race one. Bridges would have a similar fate as he lost to Pittman in the final round. He posted a .009 reaction time, 9.309 on a 9.06 dial-in, 67.58 mph pass against Pittman’s .164 reaction time, 8.959 on a 9.06 dial-in, 69.18 mph pass.

Junior Master

Hayden Lambert from Albemarle, North Carolina took the top spot in Junior Master on day one. Lambert advanced with Morgan Carroll from Olar, South Carolina in the finals. He displayed an 8.083 on an 8.04 dial-in, 75.27 mph pass with a .134 reaction time against Carroll’s .120 reaction time, 8.361 pass on a 8.37 dial-in at 75.87 mph.

Day two saw Morgan Wilson from Laurens, South Carolina go up against Harrison Crawford from Ware Shoals, South Carolina. Wilson claimed the Ironman with a .013 reaction time, 7.946 on a 7.91 dial-in, 80.31 mph pass against Crawford’s .067 reaction time, 8.021 on a 7.90 dial-in, 70.31 mph pass.

Camryn Fredrickson from Palm Harbor, Florida went to the final round with fellow Floridian, Bobby Craft from Melbourne in the last race. Fredrickson posted a .051 reaction time, 8.338 second pass on an 8.36 dial-in at 76.98 mph compared to Craft’s .062 reaction time, 7.890 on a 7.93 dial-in, 82.33 mph run.

Last modified on Wednesday, 07 September 2016
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