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Weekend Wrap-up: Point battles tighten following busy weekend at Farmington Dragway

Monday, 25 August 2014

With weather and other issues wreaking havoc on the Division 9 schedule thus far in 2014, fate – and a little creative scheduling – have created an interesting final two weeks to the Raiders Division season with four points-paying races in a two week span, beginning with the Farmington Dragway double-header this past weekend.

Racers from across the Carolinas traveled to Farmington Dragway over the weekend for Farmington’s regularly scheduled Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL race, plus the makeup race from Mooresville Dragway held earlier in the year. At the end of the day, Chris Dean walked away as the big winner during the busy weekend with three final round appearances in two different classes, joining Michael White and Steve Furr with multiple finals.

The Mooresville makeup race, which was started but not finished earlier this year, was closed to new entires.

The complete list of winners from Farmington Dragway were Mike Longhany and David Matthews (Top Sportsman), Dale West and Michael White (Top Dragster), Jeff Longhany and Adam Hull (Super Stock), Jamie Holston and Eddie Longhany Jr. (Stock), Corey Manuel and Jacob Otto (Quick Rod), Chris Dean and Steve Furr (Super Rod), Chris Webb and Chris Dean (Hot Rod), Savannah Adams (Junior Dragster Master), John Brown (Junior Dragster Advanced) and Mallory Logan (Junior Dragster Beginner).

Dean, a former IHRA world champion from Sanford, N.C., took home a pair of Ironman trophies in Super Rod and Hot Rod while adding another runner-up finish in Super Rod. Dean defeated Steve Furr to take the Super Rod Ironman from Farmington as Furr went -.004 red in the final. Furr would get his revenge, however, taking the rematch in the Mooresville makeup race in an extremely close race. Furr, in his familiar ’68 Camaro, ran a near-perfect .01 package in the final against Dean, registering a perfect .010 reaction time and a spot-on 6.400 at 122.01 mph in the 6.40 index class. Dean broke out with a 6.375 in his ’67 Nova.

Dean added to his collection later that same day with a win over ace Glenn Ferguson in the Hot Rod final. Ferguson, in his popular ’66 Ford Fairlane, got the jump on the line with a .005 reaction time to Dean’s .008, but Dean fought back and won a close one in a double-breakout with a 6.985 at 108.68 in the 7.00 index class, besting Ferguson’s 6.977 at 109.89.

The weekend’s other double-finalist was Michael White who collected a win and a runner-up in Top Dragster. White, from Arden, N.C., finished runner-up in Saturday’s Farmington showdown to Dale West before besting Ivey Hutto in Sunday’s Mooresville makeup race.

With the season winding down, a number of drivers outside of the top three in points worked their way back into the mix with a strong showing in Farmington, while others secured their position. The updated point standings following Farmington will be posted on www.ihra.com this week heading into the Summit Pro-Am Tour season finale this weekend at Darlington Dragway. The event will serve as an in-division claim for drivers in both Division 2 and Division 9.

Complete results from the Division 9 Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL event at Farmington Dragway can be found below.




Farmington, N.C. - Final results from the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL Division 9, Day 1 at Farmington Dragway

Good Vibrations Top Sportsman – Mike Longhany, Wade, N.C., ’02 Firebird, (.022) 5.191 on 5.19, 140.20 def. Mike White, Arden, N.C., ’63 Corvette, (.030) 4.774 on 4.77, 147.37

Good Vibrations Top Dragster – Dale West, Asheville, N.C., dragster, (.015) 4.894 on 4.91, 138.82 def. Michael White, Arden, N.C., dragster, (.049) 4.672 on 4.70, 148.02

Super Stock – Jeff Longhany, Wade, N.C., ’00 Firebird, (.027) 6.599 on 6.58, 100.01 def. Gil Carty, Wytheville, Va., ’67 Nova, (.048) 6.446 on 6.45, 105.23

Stock – Jamie Holston, Wytheville, N.C., ’80 Malibu, (.050) 7.145 on 7.06, 81.99 def. Kenneth Stott, Landrum, N.C., ’91 Camaro, (-.008) foul

Quick Rod – Corey Manuel, Winston Salem, N.C., dragster, (.003) 5.700 on 5.70, 121.99 def. Wendell Bowie, Statesville, N.C., dragster, (.026) 5.749 on 5.70, 143.94

Super Rod – Chris Dean, Sanford, N.C., ’67 Nova, (.013) 6.387 on 6.40, 121.52 def. Steve Furr, Harrisburg, N.C., ’68 Camaro, (-.004) foul

Hot Rod – Chris Webb, Four Oaks, N.C., ’86 Buick, (.025) 6.996 on 7.00, 99.69 def. Tim Lucas, Lillington, N.C., ’67 Mustang, (.043) 6.993 on 7.00, 104.08

Junior Dragster Master – Savannah Adams, Pfafftown, N.C., dragster, (.130) 8.131 on 8.10, 72.85 def. Maria Kay Bowie, Statesville, N.C., dragster, (.085) 8.055 on 8.06, 79.02

Junior Dragster Advanced – John Brown III, Renick, W.Va., dragster, (.047) 8.917 on 8.90, 72.09 def. Ozell Brown, Renick, W.Va., dragster, (.110) 8.892 on 8.90, 74.24

Junior Dragster Beginner – Mallory Logan, North Chesterfield, Va., dragster, (.079) 12.056 on 11.99, 52.25 def. Bryce Pittman, Selma, N.C., dragster, (.112) 12.152 on 11.92, 51.78


Farmington, N.C. - Final results from the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL Division 9 Mooresville makeup race at Farmington Dragway

Good Vibrations Top Sportsman – David Matthews, Kannapolis, N.C., Corvette, (.009) 5.026 on 5.02, 143.36 def. Stacy Hall, Chesnee, N.C., ’63 Corvette, (.012) 4.549 on 4.55, 150.85

Good Vibrations Top Dragster – Michael White, Arden, N.C., dragster, (.012) 4.644 on 4.64, 149.28 def. Ivey Hutto, Jesup, Ga., dragster, (.024) 4.479 on 4.49, 152.47

Super Stock – Adam Hull, Jonesville, N.C., ’67 Camaro, (-.023) foul def. Mark Young, Wake Forest, N.C., ’93 Mustang, (-.015) foul

Stock – Eddie Longhany Jr., Godwin, N.C., ’87 Camaro, (.073) 6.654 on 6.63, 98.51 def. Cody Phillips, Lumberton, N.C., ’71 Nova, (.073) 6.948 on 6.92, 94.49

Quick Rod – Jacob Otto, Montpelier, N.C., dragster, (.005) 5.719 on 5.70, 136.72 def. Brett Nesbitt, Burlington, N.C., dragster, (-.008) foul

Super Rod – Steve Furr, Harrisburg, N.C., ’68 Camaro, (.010) 6.400 on 6.40, 122.01 def. Chris Dean, Sanford, N.C., ’67 Nova, (.007) 6.375 on 6.40, 123.38

Hot Rod – Chris Dean, Sanford, N.C., ’68 Camaro, (.008) 6.985 on 7.00, 108.68 def. Glenn Ferguson, Greensboro, N.C., ’66 Fairlane, (.005) 6.977 on 7.00, 109.89

Junior Dragster Master – William Kimble, Concord, N.C., dragster, (.008) 7.914 on 7.90, 79.28 def. Tucker Creech, Clayton, N.C., dragster, (.027) 7.916 on 7.90, 80.59

Junior Dragster Advanced – Wallace Wilson, Taylors, S.C., dragster, (.026) 8.927 on 8.91, 73.21 def. Gage Burch, Palmetto, Fla., dragster, (.074) 9.067 on 9.11, 73.45

Junior Dragster Beginner – Hunter Moss, Elon, N.C., dragster, (.058) 11.953 on 11.90, 52.98 def. Mallory Logan, North Chesterfield, Va., dragster, (.085) 12.000 on 11.90, 52.69

Last modified on Monday, 25 August 2014