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Mooresville Summit Pro-Am event to be re-run at Farmington Dragway

Friday, 18 July 2014

After an in-depth review of the timing system situation that occurred at the Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL event at Mooresville Dragway earlier this month, the IHRA has decided to re-run the race from the beginning at Farmington Dragway during Farmington's originally scheduled Summit Pro-Am Tour date the weekend of August 8-10.

The Mooresville makeup race, which will take place on Sunday, August 10, will remain closed to new entries.

Based on the initial data acquired by IHRA, the announcement was made earlier this week that the runs from Mooresville would stand and IHRA was in the process of handling a few clearly erroneous runs on a case-by-case basis. But after discovering new evidence, the race will be re-run from the beginning.

After an initial review of the runs that occurred at the Summit Pro-Am Tour event at Mooresville Dragway and after consulting with people familiar with the timing system, it appears that the timing issue that caused the Mooresville Summit Pro-Am event to be postponed was isolated to a sensor error that caused reaction times to be slightly slower or elapsed times to be slightly faster and, in some cases, both. This situation is indicative of an intermittent “lazy” sensor and appeared to be right lane oriented. This malfunction clearly caused 10 runs out of the 56 that were made during first round to be out of compliance with a range of reaction times and elapsed times that would be considered normal. These errors appear to have started showing up midway through Top Sportsman, into Super Rod, and then isolated to two runs in Top Dragster. 

IHRA then began a second review of the runs that were not easily identifiable as an error to the tenth of a second. What was found were additional runs that were questionable beyond the three hundredths of a second mark. Not having the benefit of a racer log book to see the history of a given vehicle, these runs appear as subjective judgment calls as to their authenticity.  No one involved with the review process was able to clearly validate this batch of runs as being authentic versus being subject to the intermittent lazy sensor issue that was so obvious in the initial 10 clearly erroneous runs.

Without being able to validate this much larger segment of purely subjective runs, it was determined that, in the interest of fairness, all of the runs made at Mooresville will be thrown out and the event will be re-run from the beginning at Farmington. This race will remain closed to new entries as only the competitors who came to Mooresville will be able to finish that race. This is a re-run situation, so opponents will be paired exactly as they were for Mooresville during the first round.  Lane choice will again be determined by card pull or, in the case of the classes that are on a ladder, it will be done by driver agreement or coin flip as usual.

We apologize for this unforeseen turn of events, but the end result of this issue must be that Summit Pro-Am Tour champions and Summit Tournament of Champions competitors earn their spot without question or doubt. Any competitor unable to return to Farmington to compete in the Mooresville race should contact Donna Harper at dharper@ihra.com or at 419-660-4219 to transfer out of that event. Due to the unique nature of this transfer allowance, there is no charge for the transfer and this voucher will be valid for any race remaining on the Summit Pro-Am Tour or Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series schedule this season.

Last modified on Friday, 18 July 2014