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Summit Tournament of Champions

Summit Tournament Of Champions Presented By AMSOIL
The $100,000 Summit Racing Equipment Tournament of Champions presented by AMSOIL is the sport's first nationwide tournament to determine the champions in each of the premier sportsman classes in IHRA competition. Debuting in 2009, the Summit Tournament of Champions has grown exponentially over the past few years and with the recent partnership with automotive retailer Summit Racing Equipment and AMSOIL, the Summit Tournament of Champions continues to grow at a rapid rate and hold its place as the nation's premier sportsman event.

The rules are simple - finish in the top three in your respective Summit Pro-Am division and you qualify for the year-end championship tournament. Once there, all qualified drivers in their respective classes will go head-to-head for the world championship with the winner being determined on the track and not by out-traveling the competition. This revolutionary format not only reduces costs financially for IHRA racers, but it rewards all drivers who have had a successful year with a level playing field where location and finances do not matter in determining the world champions and the national top 10 in Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Super Stock, Stock, Quick Rod, Super Rod and Hot Rod.

This format gives regional racers an opportunity to be further rewarded for a top three finish on the Summit Pro-Am divisional level by moving on to the exclusive championship event. There are two ways to qualify for the IHRA World Finals.

The world championship race will consist of a true cross section of the best drivers from every region of the United States and Canada that IHRA visits. All of these winners will meet during the IHRA World Finals to battle it out in head-to-head competition. The world championship can now be decided on the track and not by where you live or the costs associated with racing.

1) The competitors in each class can qualify for the Summit Tournament of Champions race by winning a Summit Pro-Am division championship or by finishing 2nd or 3rd in your Summit Pro-Am division.

2) The first round ladder will be generated using only the drivers that show up to compete at the IHRA World Finals. Example: If 20 drivers show up in Hot Rod, then a 20-car ladder will be created.

3) Each class's ladder at the Summit Tournament of Champions will be generated via reaction time from the class's final qualifying time prior to the race. The higher qualified car has lane choice in round one. In all subsequent rounds, the best winning reaction time will have lane choice in all classes.

4) A competitor may compete in the Summit Tournament of Champions in a maximum of TWO different classes, but may not drive the same car in two classes during the race. If a competitor was to qualify in 3 different classes, the competitors best 2 finishes or highest point totals of the classes would determine the eligibility for the 2 classes.

5) The final national order (World Champion through 10th place) will be determined by head-to-head racing. The winner of the race at the IHRA World Finals will be the national champion, the runner-up will be #2 nationally; the semi-finalists will be #3 and #4 nationally etc. #3 through #10 will be determined by best reaction time when the competitor is eliminated. The end of the year championship payout will be earned by the competitor's finish during the IHRA World Finals. Ties will be broken by best package.

6) The Summit Tournament of Champions race will be contested on the 1/4 mile.

7) The Summit Tournament of Champions race in Top Dragster and Top Sportsman will follow the 1/4 mile Nitro Jam format and rules (wing requirement at 200 mph, maximum dial requirement of 7.80 for TD and 8.00 for TS, etc).


Summit Tournament of Champions Points Fund

Top Sportsman and Top Dragster
1st Place - $10,000 – World Champion
2nd Place - $4,000 - Runner-up
3rd Place - $1,500 - Semi-finalist
4th Place - $1,500 - Semi-finalist
5th Place- $750

Summit Gift Card Values for 6 through 10

6th Place - $500 Summit Gift Card
7th Place - $400 Summit Gift Card
8th Place - $400 Summit Gift Card
9th Place - $300 Summit Gift Card
10th Place - $300 Summit Gift Card

Super Stock, Stock, Quick Rod, Super Rod & Hot Rod

1st Place - $10,000 – World Champion
2nd Place - $3,000 - Runner-up
3rd Place - $1,000 - Semi-finalist
4th Place - $1,000 - Semi-finalist
5th Place- $500

Summit Gift Card Values for 6 through 10

6th Place - $500 Summit Gift Card
7th Place - $400 Summit Gift Card
8th Place - $400 Summit Gift Card
9th Place - $300 Summit Gift Card
10th Place - $300 Summit Gift Card

*Frequently Asked Questions*

CHAMPION: Graham Foster
2. Mike Koontz
3. Jim Cairnes
4. Mark Payne
5. Norm Williams
6. Calvin Snow
7. Mike Thompson
8. Scooter Hampton
9. Rick McDonough
10. Rube Allman
CHAMPION: Austin Cowan
2. Trevor Ritchie
3. Chad Traylor
4. David Johns
5. Chris Cadle
6. Steve Dweck
7. Ron Biondo
8. Gary Bingham
9. Claude DeBonis
10. Dave Senio
CHAMPION: Jimmy Hidalgo Jr.
2. Mark Nowicki
3. Marvin Dunahoo
4. Nick Chiles
5. Brian Martel
6. Jim Reynolds
7. Scotty Stillings
8. Michael Beard
9. Cody Phillips
10. Robbie Draughon
2. Jeff Longhany
3. Lee Truell
4. Brent Darroch
5. Jimmy Hidalgo Jr.
6. T.C. Morris
7. Sam Pourciau
8. Terry Taylor
9. B.J. Bianchi
10. Jeff Gardiner
CHAMPION: John Dustin
2. Vernon Rowland
3. Jeremy Mason
4. Mark Miles
5. Laramie Reid
6. Dale Scates
7. Patrick Forster
8. Jake Levatino
9. Brett Nesbitt
10. Corey Manuel
CHAMPION: Dave Marcus Jr.
2. Jacob Elrod
3. Mark Miles
4. Tom Patterson
5. Mike Lagos
6. Kevin O'Brien
7. Donald Webb
8. Ernie Knight
9. Tommy Maedgen
10. Brian Baker
CHAMPION: Daryl Griffin
2. Robert Robertson
3. William Stepp
4. Mark Mullen
5. Ricky Roe
6. Mike Frederick Sr.
7. Ken Goldade
8. Steve Dweck
9. Doug Wood
10. Michael Schiberl

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