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Pro-Am Tour

About the Summit Pro-Am Tour  

For 2016, Summit Racing Equipment continues its partnership with IHRA on the Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour. Racers competing in Good Vibrations Top Sportsman, Good Vibrations Top Dragster, Super Stock, Stock, Quick Rod, Super Rod and Hot Rod will compete for both Pro-Am and World Championships within the series. These drivers make up the backbone of IHRA drag racing with their competitiveness and skill.
Racers attending Summit Pro-Am Tour events and are eligible to win a Championship within one of IHRA's six Pro-Am Divisions. The program is designed to allow drivers a chance to achieve championship status and earn prize money all while minimizing travel. Recently, Summit has increased the champions award and included third place in the points fund. Summit Pro-Am Champions in each class will receive $2,000, Runners-up will earn $500 and third place finishers earn $250 each.
Champions will also receive an IHRA Ironman and an IHRA Gold Card. The top 3 drivers in each of the seven classes within their divisions earn automatic entry into the Summit Racing Equipment Tournament of Champions contested at the World Finals.
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Summit Pro-Am Tour Racing Classes  
Good Vibrations Top Sportsman covers the spectrum of passenger car body styles and power plants. Top Sportsman racers are not encumbered by displacement limitations or customizing rules, offering some of the most radical visual and mechanical thrills in drag racing.
The fastest sportsman category in IHRA drag racing, Good Vibrations Top Dragster is also renowned as one of the most innovative classes in IHRA. Combining dragsters and altered vintage roadsters, the class presents handicap racing with six second, 225 mph contestants.
As the arena for factory muscle car showdowns for decades, this class spotlights some of the most powerful production vehicles ever built. Cars run on a handicapped start, but each must run under their sub-category's National Index, determined by a power to weight ratio. In addition to traditional Super Stockers, there are also sub-categories for GT entries, front wheel drive conversions, trucks, and Super Stock production entries.
This class offers economical racing machines in an incredibly competitive forum, with everything from 130 mph muscle cars to 75 mph family sedans. All demand original production equipment with which the car was marketed to the public. Cars run on a handicapped start, but each must run under their sub-category's National Index, determined by a power to weight ratio.
The fastest of the “Rod” categories, Quick Rod offers dragsters, altereds, vintage roadsters, coupes, and passenger cars racing with a heads-up start. The objective of the class is to beat an opponent to the finish line without going under the 8.90-second Class Index, or 5.70 in the 1/8th mile.
This class features passenger cars and vintage roadsters also competing on an even start. Like Quick Rod, vehicles are permitted virtually any engine modification. Races are run on a 9.90 Class Index, or 6.40 for the 1/8th mile.
Reserved for full bodied entries competing on a 10.90 Class Index or 7.00 in the 1/8 mile. Hot Rod offers a variety of options for competitors looking to get started in index style competition.