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John Hale - 'Nitro Boss'

Thursday, 18 April 2013
Name: John Hale - 'Nitro Boss'
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Car: "Nitro Boss" 1969 Camaro SS
Engine: 413 Hemi
Car Owner: John Hale
Class: Prostalgia Nitro Funny Car
CrewChief: Guy Tipton
Crew: Garry Kennedy, Steve Bolic, Jason Kramb, Kent Carley, Jim Gifford, Scott Smith, Jeff Parker, Eric Glover, Jennifer Kramb, Karen Miller
Major Sponsors: K&N Filters, Redline Oil, Venolia
Website Address:
Career Stats: 1 win
Why do you love racing? The fans and friends that I make
Hobbies: Flying, hunting, fishing, staying active with Karen and our dogs Ariel and our newest addition to the family Champ!
First Race Car: Roadster with big block Chrysler and Torqueflite, ran 8.90s
Personal Status: Wife, two dogs
Personal Car: 1999 Corvette FRC, 2002 Chevy Crew Cab Dually, 2007 Escalade (hers)
Favorite Music: 80's hairbands - Van Halen, Motley Crue, Godsmack, Bon Jovi, Rage, Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash, Cheryl Crow, BB King, Kid Rock
Favorite Movie: Top Gun
Favorite Food: Anything cooked on the grill
Interesting facts about yourself: My first job was working for Mike Burkhart, also my crew cheif was his crew cheif back in the early 70s