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Mike Scott

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Name: Mike Scott
Hometown: Blind Bay, British Columbia
Car: 2007 American "Dis 1"
Engine: 191 Cubic Inch V-Twin
Car Owner: Jay Turner Racing
Class: Nitro Harley
CrewChief: Rex Harris
Crew: Don Newlove, Jay Turner, Jake Stordeur, Tracy Harder, Dorothy Olson, Randal Andras
Major Sponsors: Safe Brain
Website Address: www.nitrobikeracers.com
Career Stats: 3 wins, 5 runner-ups in Nitro Jam competition
Why do you love racing? For the adrenaline you feel and the friendships you make, they are priceless
Hobbies: Boating, golfing, fixing old cars and racing
First Race Car: 71 Super Bee
Personal Status: I'm a happy man!
Personal Car: Supercharged Chevy pickup
Favorite Music: All of it really
Favorite Movie: Mad Max
Favorite Food: Good medium rare steak
Interesting facts about yourself: 2008 Canadian Champion; I live for fun and I am the best looking guy in Nitro Harley racing (really, just ask around); My goal is to be one of the first v-twins in the 5's

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