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Jay Turner

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Name: Jay Turner
Hometown: Julian, NC
Car: 2011 Racing Innovations "Da Nudda 1"
Engine: 191 Cubic Inch V-twin
Car Owner: Jay Turner Racing
Class: Nitro Harley
CrewChief: Rex Harris
Crew: Dorothy Olson, Jake Stordeur, Randal Andras, Tracy Harder, Mike Scott, Don Newlove
Major Sponsors: AB&H Excavating, K&K Marine, RBT Fabricators
Website Address: www.jayturnerracing.com
Career Stats: 2012 Nitro Harley World Champion; 12 wins, 3 runner-ups in Nitro Jam competition
Why do you love racing? It's my way of life. I've made the best of friends, met my girlfriend and know a lot of really great people because of racing
Hobbies: Motorcycle riding (street bikes)
First Race Car: Honda CB 350 (never had a race car)
Personal Status: Girlfriend: Dorothy Olson; Daughter: Lyndsey Turner
Personal Car: Chevy Pickup
Favorite Music: Country and Rock
Favorite Movie: Tombstone
Favorite Food: Chicken fried chicken from Cracker Barrel
Interesting facts about yourself: I once met Evel Knievel in my PJs. It was in Las Vegas, I was asleep in Johnny Mancuso's motor coach after a race when Evel rang the doorbell. I didn't know the thing had a doorbell, so once I figured out what the noise was I opened the door to Evel Knievel! He held his hand out and said Hello; I have received the "Jim McClure" award in 2007 which was an elite award received by a select few each year; I have 2 AHDRA National Championships; 2 IHRA World Championships; 2 AMRA National Championships and was the IHRA Pro Driver of the Year in 2000

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