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Wright, Reid, Wilkins double up at San Antonio Pro-Am

Monday, 08 April 2013

It was a thrilling weekend for sportsman racers at the annual San Antonio Nitro Jam presented by CarSafe and Good Vibrations and Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am presented by AMSOIL doubleheader weekend as tens of thousands of rabid fans packed San Antonio Raceway to see thrilling nitro racing and some of the best sportsman racers Texas has to offer.

At the end of the day three racers found themselves holding more than one Ironman as Kamron Wright, from Odessa, Texas, doubled up in Top Sportsman, Scooter Wilkins of Hubbard, Texas took home two wins in Hot Rod and Laramie Reid, from Iowa Park, Texas, won in Quick Rod and Super Rod.

Other winners from the 2013 Summit Pro-Am at San Antonio Raceway were Lewis Cleveland and Kevin Wilson in Top Dragster, Jimmy Hidalgo Jr. and Pete Peery in Super Stock, Jimmy Hutto Jr. and Jerry Emmons in Stock, Kyle Williams in Quick Rod and Josh Eisemann in Super Rod.


Junior Dragster winners were Aaron Philpot and Mia Carrola in Junior Masters, Matthew Keylich and Kenneth Hillin in Junior Advanced and Carson Russell and Braden Bettis in Junior Beginner. Sunday’s ET winners were Branden Bass in Top ET and Jay Robinson in Mod ET.

Wilkins laid claim to easily the most unexpected victory of the weekend as he took his ’67 Camaro usually reserved for bracket racing and took it 10.90 racing for the very first time. Having never even raced the quarter-mile in his silver Chevy, Wilkins battled his way to both Saturday and Sunday to claim the Hot Rod double in his first attempt at the class.

Wilkins went six rounds both days ending with a pair of close finals decided on the tree. On Saturday Wilkins found himself up against Dillion Bontrager and hammered the tree with a .008 light to hold the advantage after running a 10.925, 133.21 to Bontrager’s 10.918, 140.54. On Sunday both Wilkins and his final round opponent Marvin Allemand lit the red light, but Wilkins was closest to the green with a -.006 light to take home his second Ironman.


Top Sportsman was absolutely dominated by Kamron Wright and Monte Weaver as the pair of Texas competitors found themselves matched up in the final both days, with Wright taking both wins. Unfortunately Weaver lit the red bulb both days in the final to hand Wright the win, wasting Wright’s .001 and .003 lights in the two finals.

Laramie Reid claimed the weekend’s only multi-class double as he took the Super Rod Ironman on Saturday and the Quick Rod trophy on Sunday. In Super Rod Reid faced former IHRA World Champion Tommy Maedgen and won on the tree with a .052 light helping overcome a 9.930, 153.01 in the 9.90 class. In Quick Rod Reid won in a double-breakout against Clayton Nance with an 8.889, 166.54 to a 8.881, 174.49 in the 8.90 class.

Other winners of note from the San Antonio event included Jimmy Hidalgo Jr. who continued his dominance of the class with yet another Super Stock Ironman and Kyle Williams, a 16-year-old racer claiming his very first big-car Ironman after winning in Junior Dragster at the San Antonio event just the year before.


Renegades Division racers head to Dallas Raceway for their next IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour event May 17-19.

The following are the final results from the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL double-header at State Capitol Raceway:


The following are Saturday's final results from the Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL, Renegades Division 4 day two at San Antonio Raceway:

TOP SPORTSMAN - Kamron Wright, Odessa, Texas, '11 Pontiac GXP, 9.373, 91.33 def. Monte Weaver, Lubbock, Texas, '63 Chevy Corvette, foul.  

TOP DRAGSTER - Lewis Cleveland, Odessa, Texas, 7.544, 177.73 def. Matt Levatino, LaPlace, La., 7.259, 183.30.  

SUPER STOCK - Jimmy Hidalgo Jr., Donaldsonville, La., '02 Pontiac Firebird, SS/HA, 10.128, 112.64  def. Jim Hanig, Houston, Texas, '80 Chevy Monza, GT/IA, foul.  

STOCK ELIMINATOR - Jimmy Hutto Jr., Pearland, Texas, '69 Chevy Camaro, AA/SA, 10.322, 127.23 def. Ty Casey, Abilene, Texas, '68 Camaro, F/SA, 11.375, 108.38.  

QUICK ROD - Kyle Williams, Rockdale, Texas, dragster, 8.896, 160.09 def. Darryl Patton, Highlands, Texas, dragster, 8.890, 176.68.

SUPER ROD - Laramie Reid, Iowa Park, Texas, 9.930, 153.01 def. Tommy Maedgen, Troy, Texas, '27 Ford roadster, 9.907, 151.52.

HOT ROD - Scooter Wilkins, Hubbard, Texas, '67 Chevy Camaro, 10.925, 133.21 def. Dillion Bontrager, Wylie, Texas, '69 Camaro, 10.918, 140.54.  

JUNIOR DRAGSTER MASTERS - Aaron Philpot, Boerne, Texas, dragster, 8.067, 79.89  def. Mia Carrola, Boerne, Texas, dragster, 7.913, 80.52.  

JUNIOR DRAGSTER ADVANCED - Matthew Keylich, San Antonio, Texas, dragster, 9.044, 70.92  def. Aaron Jordan, Ft. Worth, Texas, dragster, 8.935, 71.16.

JUNIOR DRAGSTER BEGINNER - Carson Russell, Rockwall, Texas, dragster, 12.393, 51.76  def. Trace Casey, Van Vleck, Texas, dragster, foul.


The following are Sunday's final results from the Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL, Renegades Division 4 day two at San Antonio Raceway:

TOP SPORTSMAN - Kamron Wright, Odessa, Texas, '11 GXP, 7.499, 134.21 def. Monte Weaver, Lubbock, Texas, '63 Corvette, foul.  

TOP DRAGSTER - Kevin Wilson, Houston, Texas, dragster, 7.492, 173.01 def. Austin Cowan, San Antonio, Texas, dragster, 7.245, 182.48.  

SUPER STOCK - Pete Peery, Bowie, Texas, '91 Calais, GT/FA, 9.901, 131.16 def. Tony Cowell, Hudson Oaks, Texas, '81 Camaro, GT/JA, 10.436, 127.19.  

STOCK ELIMINATOR - Jerry Emmons, Pasdena, Texas, '69 Camaro, A/SA, 10.707, 123.66  ef. Brian Massingill, Houston, Texas, '12 Camaro, BBFIA, foul.  

QUICK ROD - Laramie Reid, Iowa Park, Texas, dragster, 8.889, 166.54 def. Clayton Nance, Anson, Texas, '63 Corvette, 8.881, 174.49.  

SUPER ROD - Joshua K. Eisemann, Sugarland, Texas, '63 Chevy II, 9.887, 137.66 def. Chris Eidson, Mineral Wells, Texas, '63 Corvette, foul.  

HOT ROD - Scooter Wilkins, Hubbard, Texas, '67 Camaro, 10.937, 133.61 def. Marvin Allemand, Raceland, La., '05 Cavalier, foul.  

TOP ET - Branden Bass, Universal City, Texas, dragster, 7.775, 160.60 def. Lewis Cleveland, Odessa, Texas, dragster, 14.576, 45.58.  

MOD ET - Jay Robinson, Santa Fe, Texas, '73 Nova, 14.651, 53.06 def. Jeffrey K. Eisemann, Sugarland, Texas, '76 Nova, foul.  

JUNIOR DRAGSTER MASTERS - Mia Carrola, Boerne, Texas, dragster, 7.949, 80.30 def. Kristen Velasquez, San Antonio, Texas, dragster, 7.971, 77.35.

JUNIOR DRAGSTER ADVANCED - Kenneth Hillin, San Antonio, Texas, dragster, 8.909, 75.74 def. Ashley Hubbell, San Antonio, Texas, dragster, 9.049, 70.44.  

JUNIOR DRAGSTER BEGINNER - Braden Bettis, DeLeon, Texas, dragster, 12.552, 53.41 def. Carson Russell, Rockwall, Texas, dragster, 12.542, 51.31. 

Last modified on Thursday, 23 May 2013