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US 131 Motorsports Park Captures IHRA Division 5 (Thunder) Championship

Monday, 28 September 2020
MARTIN, Mich. — US 131 Motorsports captured the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 5 (Thunder) Summit Team Finals held at US 131 Motorsports over the weekend.
US 131 Motorsports took a 75-69 win over defending champions Muncie Dragway. Other tracks who participated were: Mid-Michigan Motorplex, US 41 Motorsports Park, Marion County Raceway, Osceola Dragway, Bunker Hill Dragstrip, Ubly Dragway, Lapeer Dragway.
Leading up to the main event, racers participated in Friday Gambler’s races, Moser Engineering Saturday Gambler’s Race, Team Captains race and “best of” awards.
Main Event:
John Boes (Marion County Raceway) put together a winning package with a 4.79 elapsed time at 143.18 mph against a 4.79 dial-in, along with a .005 reaction time. Runner-up Shane Daugherty (Muncie Dragway) raced down the track in 6.511 seconds at 104.77 mph against a 6.51 dial-in but red lighted with a -.012-reaction time.
 Joh Boes
Dustin Jones (Muncie Dragway) defeated final-round opponent Al Bruichart (US 131 Motorsports Park). Jones had a 6.702-second run at 100.31 mph with a .016 reaction time. Bruischart posted a 6.176 elapsed time at 110.95 mph with a .034 reaction time. 
 Dustin Jones
Larry Stroscher (Marion County Raceway) captured the win with a 7.538 elapsed time at 89.95 mph and coupled it with a .047 reaction time. Gary Blankenship (Muncie Dragway) went 7.569 seconds at 90.76 mph with a .048 reaction time. 
 Larry S
Junior Dragster
Dominic White (Muncie Dragway) had a .067 reaction time and then raced down the 1/8-mile at 8.011 seconds and 75.96 mph. Aliyah Pitsch (US 131 Motorsports Park) finished runner-up with an 11.942 elapsed time at 55.46 mph with a .178 reaction time. 
 Dominic White
Friday Gambler’s Race
Top — Mike McKinney (Muncie Dragway) 6.48 on a 6.47 dial-in, .012 reaction time defeated Jordan Wilhelm (Muncie Dragway) 6.59 on a 6.59 dial-in, .033 reaction time.
Mod — Larry Gramlich (Mid-Michigan Motorplex) 4.79 on a 4.79 dial-in, -.004 reaction time defeated Jason Hemerline (Mid-Michigan Motorplex) 5.44 on a 5.42 dial-in, -.005 reaction time.
Junior — Corbin Dittenber (Mid-Michigan Motorplex) 7.78 on a 7.75 dial-in, .027 reaction time defeated Rylie VanAken 8.95 on a 8.95 dial-in, .088 reaction time.
Street — Jake Huntington (US 131 Motorsports Park) 8.27 on a 8.26 dial-in, .043 reaction time defeated Rich Cannon Jr. (US 131 Motorsports Park) 7.85 on a 7.85 dial-in, .156 reaction time.
Moser Engineering Saturday Gambler’s Race
Top — Andrew Selleck (Mid-Michigan Motorplex) 6.40 on a 5.90 dial-in, .038 reaction time defeated Justin Dillman (Muncie Dragway) 9.63 on a 6.6.62 dial-in, -.004 reaction time.
Mod — Todd Strefling (Muncie Dragway) 4.90 on a 4.90 dial-in, .003 reaction time defeated Aaron Disinger (US 41 Dragway) 6.22 on a 6.22 dial-in, .016 reaction time.
Street – Deegan Orr (US 131 Motorsports) 8.95 on a 8.94 dial-in, .047 reaction time defeated Kyle Cramsey (Osceola Dragway) 8.41 on 7.63 dial in, -.435 reaction time.
Junior — Brooke Paquette (US 131 Motorsports Park) 7.56 on an 7.55 dial-in, .056 reaction time defeated Peyten Jimenez (US 131 Motorsports Park) 7.90 on a 7.93 dial-in, -.028 reaction time.
Team Captains Race
Jason Peterson (US 131 Motorsports Park) defeated Ashley Finney (Osceola Dragway).
Special Awards
Best Appearing Open Bodied Car — Bob Payton, US 131 Motorsports Park
Best Engineered Open Bodied Car — Jeff Burdess, Mid-Michigan Motorplex
Best Appearing Full Bodied Car — Larry Stroscher, Marion County Raceway
Best Engineered Full Bodied Car — Melissa Burns, Bunker Hill Dragstrip
Best Appearing Junior Dragster — Tyler Howard, Mid-Michigan Motorplex
Best Engineered Junior Dragster — Roman Iocoangeli
Best Team Spirit — US 131 Motorsports Park
Best Decorated Grandstands — Muncie Dragway
Best Appearing Team — Mid-Michigan Motorplex
Team Standings
BSC 4796
1.US 131 Motorsports Park75
2.Muncie Dragway69
3.Mid-Michigan Motorplex53
4.US41 Motorsports Park40
5.Marion County Raceway39
6.Osceola Dragway30
7.Bunker Hill Dragstrip28
8.Ubly Dragway17
9.Lapeer Dragway6

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