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LJ1 Oil Products Have High Performance Lubricants to Fit Your Needs

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

HOUSE SPRINGS, Missouri — Whether racing at the track, driving down the road or working on the farm, LJ1 Oil Products, the official oil and lubricants of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), feature high-performance products to meet your needs.

The Missouri-based company is the new world leader in high-performance lubricants. Their products and service are of the highest quality. They have been extensively researched and tested with the synthetic blend oil formulated to provide maximum engine protection.

LJ1 Oil Extreme Racing Oils are high-performance oils designed for extreme racing conditions. They are designed to offer maximum protection and performance for engines operating under high-stress and high-temperature conditions.

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For the track operators, LJ1 Extreme Track Prep brings the most advanced technology in the preparation of dragway surfaces.

The range of products extend beyond the race track. Whether it’s personal vehicles or heavy-duty machinery, LJ1 Oil Products have the right oil and lubricants for you.

LJ1 Street Performance Engine Oils are specially formulated for today’s sophisticated, high-revving and hot-running automobiles. They use only the finest solvent refined, high viscosity index, paraffinic base stocks. The chemistry permits superior pump-ability and lubrication to all moving parts during a cold start-up.

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For truck drivers, farmers and others who use heavy equipment, the LJ1 Extreme Fleet SHD Diesel Engine Oils provide outstanding engine protection. They protect against soot, corrosion, rust, wear, crankcase sludge, upper ring land deposits, piston and bearing varnish formation and oil thickening.

It goes beyond protecting the engine as LJ1 Oil Products Transmission Fluid provides excellent oxidation resistance, shear stability, frictional characteristics, seal compatibility and low temperature fluidity. 

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For more information about these and other LJ1 Oil Products, call 1-844-722-3645 or click here to visit the company’s website.

Last modified on Friday, 02 June 2023

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