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Fuel Tech to Serve as a Presenting Sponsor for IHRA Sportsman Spectacular

Thursday, 02 March 2023

HOUSE SPRINGS, Missouri — Fuel Tech USA has partnered with the International Hot Rod Association and will serve as one of the presenting sponsors of the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular.

Founded in 2003, Fuel Tech is an international company specialized in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art performance engine management systems. They have been in the States for eight years, based in Georgia.

The product line’s greatest advantage is its simplicity, from painless installation to real-time tuning in just hours, depending on the application. The bracket racing community is an important part of the customer base as sales manager Andre Nunez explained.

“We’re really excited to be a part of the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular,” Nunez said. “It’s an additional show of our commitment to that segment of the market. The bracket racer is an ample part of drag racing and for a while, there weren’t a lot of new companies getting involved. We feel this is an important step to get involved with at the sanctioning body level.”

There are quality products for the racers to help with everything from shifting and ignitions to delay boxes. The FT Series ECU’s allows the users to have full control of the vehicle almost completely eliminating the need of a personal computer. Their products can also be useful to make sure that racers are competing on a level playing ground.

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“We have our ECUs which can be as little as your gauges and data logger, or we can control an entire vehicle,” Nunez said. “We have different software that change the functionality of the ECU. You can use it for delay box racing, Sportsman Box and No Box racing. We have firmware that none of the features that aren’t allowed in bracket racing are in the firmware. It makes it easy for the tracks and sanctioning bodies to tech this.”

The IHRA is certainly pleased to team with Fuel Tech USA and looks forward to a long, successful partnership.

“We welcome Fuel Tech USA as an IHRA partner and love their commitment to the Sportsman Spectacular program,” IHRA Owner and CEO Larry Jeffers said. “They have a proven track record and are known for outstanding craftsmanship and quality products. We feel this is a great partnership for the IHRA, our racers and member tracks.”

Click here to learn about Fuel Tech and their outstanding line of products. Click here for the current IHRA Sportsman Spectacular race schedule.

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