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Five Summit Racing Equipment Products for Better Racing in 2022

Thursday, 12 May 2022

It’s often the little things that make you a more competitive racer. Check out these new Summit Racing Equipment-brand products that help produce more power, give you better control of your devices, keep you safe on the track, and even help you organize your trailer or shop. 

Summit Racing™ Universal Engine Cover

OK, so you’ve got your engine all buttoned up and ready to go. You don’t want your freshly built mill getting all dusty, dirty, and corroded from sitting around, do you? We didn’t think so. That’s why you need a Summit Racing™ Universal Fit Engine Cover. It’s made from water-resistant black polyester fabric to keep your engine clean and dry. Its generous 24" wide x 27.75" high x 32" long size covers most engines, and a drawstring keeps it tight around the engine and holds it securely in place. The included storage bag keeps the cover clean when not in use.

SUM G1007 Summit Racing Engine Cover

Summit Racing™ Engine Diapers

Summit Racing™ engine diapers are designed to keep oil off of the race track in the event of massive engine failure. They are manufactured from tough, high-tensile webbing and use an absorbent pad to contain up to 10 quarts of oil. The diapers are easy to install--just wrap them around your oil pan and then strap them to your header bolts on the sides and to the water pump bolts in the front.

SUM 590200 Summit Racing Engine Diaper

Summit Racing™ Pro Ring Filers

Proper piston ring gap is crucial to building horsepower, especially for race engines and engines with a power adder like a turbo or nitrous. Too much gap causes poor ring-to-cylinder wall sealing which can cost you compression. Not enough gap and the rings can over-expand due to the heat, which can damage cylinder bores and ring lands on the pistons. 

The Summit Racing™ Pro Ring Filers are designed for professional use and engine builders looking for accurate and affordable equipment. Made in the USA, the filers make it easy to set consistent gaps for a complete set of rings, something that’s tough to do with a manual ring filer. A precision dial indicator lets you accurately set the desired gap in .001 inch increments—once you set up the tool and verify you have proper end gap on the first ring, just use that same setting to gap the rest.

The Summit Racing Pro Ring Filers have a deburr wheel to clean up the ground edge of your rings, plus a dressing tool to clean and square the three inch diameter grinding wheel. Your choice of filers with a 110V or 220V electric motor and one of 10 powdercoat colors. 

SUM 970000 Summit Racing Pro Ring Filer

Summit Racing™ Power Tool Organizing Shelf

Get professional shop storage with this Summit Racing™ Power Tool Organizing Wall Shelf. The top of the unit features two open shelves that’s a handy place to store tools and other accessories. On the bottom is a reinforced holder with four slots for electric or pneumatic power tools, and around the side you’ll find another organizer that holds up to 12 drill bits. The wall shelf gets its good looks from an attractive red and black powdercoat finish that also protects it from rusting. Assembly is straightforward and easy thanks to the included hardware and detailed instructions. Measures 18" long x 9" wide x 12" high.

SUM 900223 Summit Racing Power Tool Holder

Summit Racing™ Quick-Removal Flanges

Summit Racing™ Quick-Removal Flanges allow you to make almost any tubular part of your car removable. For example, let’s say you want an easier way to remove the transmission. Simply cut the trans cross member in half or wherever you want it to separate, then weld the flanges onto the sectioned pieces of tubing. The flanges bolt together with the included Grade 8 hardware; just unbolt them to remove the cross member.

The Quick-Removal Flanges can be used on K-members, shock hoops, and many other components too. They are laser-cut from .250-inch steel and are available to fit 1-inch, 1 ¼-inch, 1 ½-inch, and 1 ⅝-inch diameter tubing.

SUM 770983 Summit Racing Quick Removal Flange

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Last modified on Friday, 13 May 2022

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