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RaceAir Cloud by Computech is the Most Trusted Weather Station for IHRA Racers

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Computech, a valued International Hot Rod Association contingency partner, develops the highest quality drag racing weather stations, data acquisition systems, exhaust gas team monitors and more unique products for the racing industry.

The RaceAir Cloud by Computech has become the most trusted and reliable racing weather station on the market. When combined with the powerful RaceBase software it becomes a bracket racer’s best friend. The RaceAir Cloud is the only weather station used by every Top Fuel team and the only one that legendary bracket racers like Luke Bogaki and Justin Lamb trust.

When you purchase the Computech RaceAir Cloud, you not only get the weather station and the RaceBase software, but you get absolutely everything you need to install the unit correctly. It comes with the RaceAir Cloud, an expandable 4-8 foot or 6–12-foot cam lock pole, upper and lower pole mount brackets, 40 foot extension cable, interface box and power supply. 

But they take it a step further and even give you pole clips to secure the pole during transport as well as an inside trailer storage mount that allows you to store the RaceAir Cloud out of the way and secured. You will not have to fabricate or create anything yourself with this weather station, absolutely everything you need is included. 

For bracket racers, the real beauty of the weather station comes into play when we start taking about the Computech RaceBase program. This program is an all-encompassing racing program that will truly become your base of operations for everything racing. The powerful prediction program allows you to easily customize and fine tune prediction formulas for your particular car. 

Gone are the days of being pigeonholed into generic formula and always knowing that it is off a bit and adjusting in your head. It is easy to fine-tune a formula and the general premise is telling the program how sensitive you are to certain weather variables; it takes 3.8 mph of head wind to move my car .01 or it takes 22 grains of change to move me one hundredth. 

RaceAir Cloud Deluxe Model 1024x1024

One of the most unique features is Computech’s Prediction Report Card. This feature will simulate what each ET prediction formula would have predicted for you after an event is over and will then assign a letter grade on how close this was to what you ran. This allows you on a Tuesday or Wednesday to tweak a value in your prediction formula such as moving your head wind sensitivity from 4.5 mph to a more sensitive 3.5 mph. 

When you hit Save, it will re-analyze that report card and tell you how close that new prediction formula would have gotten you if you had it last weekend. This means that you can truly fine-tune a formula, see if it works better for your car, and if it does, you have now fine-tuned your prediction formula for your particular car. The amount of confidence that results in knowing your formula is as dialed in as it can be removes an amazing amount of stress on race day.

The RaceBase isn’t just about ET prediction. The easily customizable logbook allows you to create as many variables as you want and easily keep track of every single thing on the car that can change. With their “pre-loaded” variable option, you enter the value of say a jet once, and each time you add a new run it will automatically grab the value of the last run and put it into the new one. 

Whenever you do make a change, simply change it for that run and now all future runs will have that value in it. This allows you to keep track of every single variable on the car without having to re-enter it for every single run.

The RaceBase also comes with many extra features such as the Maintenance area that allows you to keep track of how many runs a maintenance item has as well as keeping a service record to refer back to. The Find Runs feature allows you to easily find runs similar to your last pass so the results are always quick at hand. 

The Tune Up section has options for Holly, Precision Jet, and even Mikuni tuning for the Junior Dragsters. And the Variable Effect on ET tool allows you to easily compare two runs and see how much a variable is truly effecting your car. You can then go punch that result into your prediction formula and your formula will then be fine-tuned for your particular car with your own data.

RaceBase Predict Edition Screenshot 1 600x600 

For Junior Dragsters, there is nothing that can compare to the RaceBase software. Rowan “The Robot” Parlett just used the RaceBase software to win the PDRA Top Jr. Dragster World Championship and the RaceBase was an integral part of securing that championship. 

The Jr. Dragster Weight Index program will tell you exactly how much weight you need to have in your variable weight tank to run whatever index you would like. To dial Jr. Dragster, you have to be keeping track of the wind and the RaceBase allows you to easily customize how much the head wind effects your particular car. 

Whether you are running heads up or bracket Racing, running Junior Dragsters or Top Dragsters, running Footbrake or Pro Mod, the RaceAir Cloud with RaceBase software would be a welcome addition to your race program. 

Click here to check out the Computech website.

Last modified on Wednesday, 27 October 2021

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