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Thursday, 14 February 2019
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.- International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) partners QA1 and ATI Performance Products have new products available for IHRA racers.  
These valued partners support the IHRA and IHRA racers and participate in the 2019 IHRA Contingency Program.  
QA1 MOD™ Series shock:
 MOD Shock-CO-CL
Don't be limited to adjustments! Completely re-valve in minutes with the new MOD™ Series shock, the first and only on-the-car revalveable shock. Designed specifically to meet the demands required by today's high performance drag race and handling/pro-touring cars, QA1's multi-patent-pending MOD™ Series shock will transform the way racers respond to changing track conditions and configurations. 
The key element to this tunability is QuickTune™ Technology - dry modular valve packs that can easily be swapped out, all while the shock remains on the car. An industry first, the MOD™ Series shock can quickly and easily be revalved without interrupting the oil path or opening the shock up for debris and air contamination. Once the desired valving is in place, the unique double adjustable design, with adjustable low-speed bleed, allows for fully independent control over the compression and rebound characteristics. With all these adjustability options, the MOD™ Series shock achieves an expansive force curve capability and an unprecedented level of tunability.
Visit QA1.com to learn about the MOD™ Series shock. 
For more information on how to qualify for contingency awards from QA1 click here
ATI Performance Products Inc.:
ATI’s Turbo 400 Forged 4340 one-piece output shaft is a brand-new OEM replacement featuring extra-long splines and marks, so it can be cut to Powerglide length all the way down to the shortest 4x4 length.  This high strength output shaft is designed to withstand an extreme amount of shock, rated to handle excess of 1500 horsepower. The output shaft will accept standard speedometer gears, has a bushing, but does not have provisions for an OEM governor.  
Visit atiracing.com  and search part # 406027 or call 877-298-4598 to learn about the ATI Turbo 400 Forged 4340 Output Shaft.
As a major supporter of the IHRA and IHRA racers, ATI posts cash contingency awards covering ATI’s Transmissions and Treemaster Converters®. For more information and to qualify for these awards click here.                         
For more information about the IHRA and to become a member visit IHRA.com or call (561) 337-3446.   

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