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Hughes Performance Introduces New Line for IHRA Racers

Wednesday, 14 November 2018
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — For over four decades, Hughes Performance, an International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) contingency partner, has been an industry leader in innovation, quality, service, and race-winning record-setting performance when it comes to racing torque converters and automatic transmission assemblies.  The all new Pro SSX family of torque converters takes drag racing and max effort high horsepower street/strip applications to the next level.
Hughes Performance Pro SSX torque converters feature all of the high quality and strength-enhancing build features that racers and enthusiasts alike have come to expect from Hughes Performance products, including full roller bearing construction, full furnace brazing and silicon spot brazing, billet components, and high tech custom fabricated steel stators.  
The Pro SSX family of converters offers unparalleled efficiency for maximum MPH, incredibly high rates of acceleration all the way through a run, and more manageable rates of torque multiplication for a wider tuning window, allowing racers and tuners to ramp in more power more aggressively earlier in the run without fear of overpowering the chassis or racing surface.
Pro SSX converters are available to IHRA racers with a wide variety of options, including welded and bolt-together options, spragless and mechanical diode options, and both steel as well as light weight high strength CNC-machined billet aluminum covers when selecting the bolt-together option.
With the addition of the Pro SSX family of converters to the product line in addition to the proven and bulletproof Pro Series line of custom-built torque converters, Hughes Performance now has literally hundreds of stator and impeller design options.  Hughes Performance now offers the absolute widest array of custom built torque converter options and coverage within the industry! 
The Pro SSX family of torque converters is ideally suited for maximum effort applications, including (but not limited to) Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Pro Mod, Pro Street, Drag Radial, Outlaw 10.5, and virtually any high-horsepower, small-tire combination that requires optimum performance potential and power management.  Pro SSX converters are equally at home in high horsepower street-oriented applications such as Drag Week competition vehicles, No Prep vehicles, and street/strip vehicles using power adders.
Unique Hughes Performance Pro SSX technology makes these converters an outstanding choice for turbocharged and centrifugally supercharged applications where immediate response, fast staging, and smooth, rapid transition into boost are required.  
Nitrous combinations will benefit from the smooth application of power and relatively minimal RPM drop during gear changes, thus preventing from loading the engine excessively and encountering dangerous detonation and/or deformity in reciprocating components within the engine.  Blown alcohol versions of the Pro SSX converter will allow tuners to more easily walk the fine line between keeping enough load on the engine to easily ignite and efficiently burn the large amount of fuel flowing through the engine, all while offering unmatched rates of acceleration throughout the run and ease of stress on drivetrain components.  
Call 1-800-274-RACE or visit hughesperformance.com today to learn more about which Hughes Performance Pro SSX custom built torque converter is right for your combination.
Last modified on Wednesday, 14 November 2018

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